Reward Crate Data Collection

Data Collection Instructions:

Currently, we are looking for the following Reward Crate Data:

  1. Trade Good Crates – ONLY XP and FOOD Rewards for the following:
    1. Silver Crates – ALL FOOD & XP Rewards
    2. Gold Crates – ALL FOOD & XP Rewards for Player Level 38 and under.
  2. Gold Crates opened after Missions: ONLY EPIC/LEG GEAR!!!

Here’s how you can help:

  • After you open a Trade Good Crate, take a screenshot of it. We can get all the information needed if you take a screenshot after you open the crate.
    • Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 2.39.05 AM.png
  • If you can’t post a screenshot, you can post a message with the following information:
    • Player Level (very important!!!) (or RSL for post mission Gold crates)
    • Amount of Food/XP or Base Level & Tier (LEG/Epic/Rare) of Gear
  • If you open a Gold Crate after a Mission, you can post a screenshot of the opened Gold Crate, along with the Recommended Survivor Level (RSL) of the mission.
    • If you don’t know the RSL of a Guild Mission, include how many Stars you earned on that specific mission, BEFORE you started that specific mission, not including the “Bonus Stars.”
    • IMG_5927.png (In this case, you would post “15 Stars”, since the +2 are the “Bonus Stars”. I can calculate the RSL with that info.
  • Notes:
    1. There is no need to post pics of Gas, Radios, or Gold Rewards. I am just trying to get the specifics of WHAT is in the crates at various Player Levels and RSLs….not figure out the Drop Rates at this time.
    2. Don’t buy anything you normally wouldn’t! Play the same way you normally would; no need to buy different crates just for our sake, and no need to spend Gold to open Gold Crates after missions if you don’t normally!
    3. You don’t need to post duplicates of items received. So, if you’ve opened 5 Epic Crates, and got 3x Level 18 Epic Equipment, you only need to post one photo. It’s not a problem for me if you post duplicate items/values; just trying to save you a little time!