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What we “Know” about the 1.10 Update

On June 14, Teeceezy posted this information about the next update, version 1.10:

Update 1.10.pngScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 6.13.15 AM (2).png

So, let’s get into what this means. First, here’s what to expect from the building upgrades.

  • Council upgrade to Level 18. (Possible small Radio Reward as an Achievement)
    • You will most likely need to be at least Player Level 44-45 to upgrade to Level 18.
  • Training Ground upgrade to Level 18.
  • Radio Tent upgrade to Level 9.
  • Workshop upgrade to Level 16.
  • Supplies Storage to Level 10
  • XP Tents to Level 10.
  • The Council/Training Grounds/Workshop/Radio Tent cost 3.5 million food for their previous upgrades. Pure speculation, but we are probably looking at 4 million food for each upgrade, and at least 36 hours upgrade time.
  • As of now the following Buildings won’t be upgradeable
    • Hospital (Council Level 19 required)
    • Mission Car (Council Level 20 required)
    • Walker Pit (Council Level 19 required)
    • No clue if Farms will have an increase added.
    • I doubt we will see an increase to the max level of the Outpost since that would most likely mean a new Defensive Map.

Second, we will be seeing a new Episode. This probably means we’ll be getting 90 more potential Gold as rewards for achievements for beating the mission on Normal, Hard & Nightmare Mode (30 gold for each level of difficulty). It will be interesting to see what the reward will be for completing the mission, and if any Survivors will be able to be rescued from the Missions.

Third, the XP cap that was supposed to be introduced in 1.9 will be implemented. The initial proposal was that after 75 Walker Kills in a mission, each subsequent kill will only give 1 XP per Walker Kill. But it appears this won’t be the new system in 1.10. Old Goth stated that they will be raising the amount of XP from Walker kills, so “micro-farming” the end of levels will probably be beneficial for those not using the Unlimited Gas Booster.

Now, for the good stuff. Here’s the breakdown of what we think we “know” about the updates to Survivors.

  • There will be no more “Maximum Level” for Survivors. Every Survivor has the potential to be played with forever! As you level up your Training Grounds, the Maximum Level for every Survivor will be raised as well, even for Survivors you currently have. So, if you have a Survivor that currently has a Maximum Level of 12, that Survivor will have that limit removed, and you will be able to upgrade them forever!
    • The Maximum Level of every Survivor you have (and will ever get in the future) will be your Training Ground Level +1, or in other words, the maximum survivor level attainable by your current Training Ground Level.
  • Radio calls will still work exactly as they currently do after the changes in the 1.9 update, with one big change that will introduce a new Currency for the game. With every Radio Call, you will choose a Survivor to accept, or trade that Survivor for Class Tokens, instead of rejecting the Survivor for XP. Class tokens will also be given for Retiring current Survivors, instead of XP.
    • Class Tokens will be used to unlock and upgrade the Traits of your Survivors. Once you upgrade all of the Traits for the Survivor, you will be able to promote your Survivor to the next rarity level (Rare to Epic, Epic to Legendary…etc), apparently also using Class Tokens.


  • There will be new traits added!!!
    • Survivor Traits:
      • Protective – Overwatch damage is increased by X%
      • Charging – X% chance on kill to generate an extra charge point
      • Power Strike – Does X% more damage if attacking without moving
    • Equipment Traits:
      • Silenced – Has a X% chance of not creating threat
      • Threat Reduction – Killing walkers has X% chance of reducing Threat by one walker
      • Bullet Proof – Enemy bullets have a +X% chance of bodyshotting (only 50% damage) the survivor
      • Stun Resistance – Has X% chance of not getting stunned
  • Legendary Survivors will get a 5th Trait. (randomized for current Survivors)
  • Epic Survivors will get a 4th Trait. (randomized for current Survivors)
  • Instead of Bronze/Silver/Gold Traits, they will now be leveled (Level 1/2/3/4/5).
  • Survivors of all rarity types will cost the same to level up from the same level. Example: it will cost the same amount of XP to level up a Level 12 Common Survivor to Level 13 as it will to level up a Level 12 Legendary Survivor to 13.


What we Don’t Know:

  • How will Traits progress?
    • Will all traits be able to be eventually maxed out to 5? Or will there still be maximum levels for Traits (similar to how a Legendary Survivor now has two Silver and Two Gold Traits)
  • How will the Class Token economy work?
    • How many tokens will we get for a Common/Uncommon/Rare/Epic/Legendary Survivor of the same level?
    • How many tokens will we get for Survivors of different levels?
    • Will we get more Class Tokens for leveled up Survivors vs rejected called Survivors of the same level?


For reference and/or clarification, here are screenshots of what NG Staff has posted on the Forums.

Survivor Update 01.pngSurvivor Update 02.pngSurvivor Update 03.pngSurvivor Update 05.pngSurvivor Update 04.pngSurvivor Update 06.pngSurvivor Update 12.pngSurvivor Update 09.pngSurvivor Update 11.pngScreen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9.12.55 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.10.04 AM (2).png

Survivor Update 10.png

Survivor Update 07.png




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