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What’s New in the 1.10 Update??

Update 1.10 has seen a lot of new features and changes to old ones. Let’s examine everything that’s popped up (so far)!

  • New Currency: Class Tokens

    • For everything regarding the Class Token Economy check here.

  • Extreme Overhaul to Survivors!

    • No more max Levels for Survivors! All of your Survivors will now be able to be trained to the Level your Training Ground Allows.
    • Survivor Traits have been modified:
      • Survivor Traits are no longer Gold/Silver/Bronze. Instead, each Trait has a level (1 thru 5). 
        • Legendary Survivors can have 5x Level 5 Traits.
        • Epic Survivors can have 4x Level 4 Traits.
        • Rare Survivors can have 3x Level 3 Traits.
        • Uncommon Survivors can have 2x Level 2 Traits.
        • Common Survivors can have 1x Level 1 Trait.
      • New Survivors now start with all of their Traits unlocked, and previously locked Gold Traits for Survivors were unlocked and made Level 5!
      • Legendary Survivors got a 5th Trait Added!
        • The new Trait was randomly selected, and starts at Level 4.
        • The previous Gold Traits are now Level 5.
        • The previous Silver Traits are now Level 3.
      •  Epic Survivors got a 4th Trait added!
        • The new Trait was randomly selected, and starts at Level 3.
        • The previous Gold Trait is now Level 4.
        • The previous Silver Traits are now Level 3.

  • NEW Traits!

    • New Survivor Traits:
      • Defensive Stance
      • Bullet Dodge
      • Sure Shot
      • Power Strike
    • New Equipment Traits:
      • Silenced
      • Charging
      • Bullet Proof
      • Stun Resistance
    • Some modifications to Old Traits.
      • Retaliate now attacks multiple enemies (when used with a Warrior or a Bruiser with a weapon like Morgan’s Staff)
    • Some Traits have new names
      • Luck is now Lucky
      • Critical Chance is now Accurate
      • Interrupt is now Interrupter
    • For more details on the new Traits, check here.

  • XP for Walker Kills has been modified:

    • XP values have been increased for your first 100 kills.
      • With this change, you get a lot more XP from kills during a mission. A good strategy is to “micro-farm” XP on missions; stick around and rack up kills as long as possible so you don’t get hurt and lose Stars or have your Survivors put in the hospital.
      • After 100 Walker Kills, you will only get 1 XP per kill.
      • Details with the XP values & Health Ratings of the Walkers is coming soon!Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.52.30 PM.png

  • Building Cost Upgrades:

    • Council: 4,000,000 Food Cost, 38 hour build time
    • Training Ground: 4,250,000 Food Cost, 38 hour build time
    • Workshop: 4,250,000 Food Cost, 38 hour build time
    • Radio Tent: 4,250,000 Food Cost, 38 hour build time
    • Supplies Storage: 3,750,000 Food Cost, 30 hour build time
    • XP Tents: ?? Sorry – I don’t have my XP tents maxed to see new values!

  • Changes to Survivor/Equipment/Walker Damage & Health Ratings

    • Health and Damage ratings have been changed for Survivors, Equipment, and Walkers. I will be trying to collect as much info on the new Base Values.
    • Survivor Damage/Health Total Displays now take into account Trait % increases like Marksman & Iron Skin. You may notice that a Level 19 weapon may have almost the same base Survivor damage as a Level 20 Weapon.
    • Walker Health ratings will be coming soon!


  • Miscellaneous stuff

    • What does “No Leader Trait” mean?
      • We don’t know yet. NG staff said it’s something for future use.
      • My speculation is that this may be a future “Trait” unlocked when you upgrade all the Traits on a Legendary Survivor.
    • What’s up the “New” Survivor Icon/Class?
      • When you go to your Survivor tab, there’s a new icon of a flag, with temporary Survivors slots saying “Hidden.” We don’t know what this is for yet, but something to be revealed in the future.
      • My speculation is that this may be a new class unlocked when the new Episode is unlocked.
    • The option to “Buy a Gift” for everyone in your guild is back!




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