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What’s New in 2.0 Update??

Here’s most of what’s been included in the new update.

  • We can now play with “Heroes” from the show.
    • Unlocking a Hero costs Hero Tokens. Hero Tokens are specific to the Hero, so Daryl Tokens can only be used on Daryl.
    • Hero Tokens are earned from Radio Calls. Currently, 15x Radio Calls are giving random amounts of Hero Tokens (2, 8, 32, 128, 256 Hero Tokens).
      • Point of Clarity: when you make a Radio Call and see the picture of the Survivor, you aren’t actually getting the Survivor; you are getting Hero Tokens for that Survivor that can be used towards unlocking and upgrading that specific Hero.
    • All Heroes are Common when you get them, and their starting level is determined by the level of your Radio Tent.
    • It appears that you can get 10 additional Hero Tokens when you unlock a Survivor by Sharing your results.
    • Unlocking a Hero does not require a free Survivor Slot. When you unlock a Hero, an additional Survivor Slot is given to you.
    • There may be some display issues for the # of Tokens required to unlock a Hero. On my screen, it says that Maggie requires 120 Tokens to unlock, but I have seen images showing she only requires 60 Tokens to unlock. I’m also seeing a discrepancy with Jesus.
  • Daryl Dixon is easily unlocked for players.
    • The # of Daryl Tokens you get is determined by your progress in the Episode Storyline. Specific missions will give you Daryl Tokens.
    • Daryl’s Traits are:
      • Silent Shot: starts with this Trait.
      • Marksman: unlocked when promoted to Uncommon.
      • Retaliate: unlocked when promoted to Rare.
      • Dodge: unlocked when promoted to Epic.
      • Defensive Stance: unlocked when promoted to Legendary
    • Daryl’s Traits appear to be fixed (everyone has received the first 4 Traits, still awaiting more validation that Defensive Stance is fixed).
    • The starting level of Daryl (and his equipment) is based on your Radio Tower. The max starting level you can get is 17.
  • Survivor Damage Ratings have been modified. Apparently no changes to the actual damage/health of the Survivors has happened, but the display values of the Survivors has been changed, as NG called it a “Display Error.”
    • So, it looks like your Survivors Damage values have been lowered, but NG says that no change in their Damage Ratings has occurred.
  • Before a mission, you can now see any “Special” Walkers that appear in the map.
    • Seeing if a map contains Tanks/Armored/Fire Walkers really helps when selecting your team of Survivors.
  • The cost of Promoting a Survivor appears to have changed.
    • While upgrading Daryl, I noticed that the promotion cost is no longer the same price as the previous Trait upgrades. Instead, the promotion cost is now the same as the Trait Upgrade costs of the level you are promoting your Survivor to.
      • Example: Previously, upgrading a Survivor from Epic to Rare cost 60 Tokens (the cost of upgrading Rare Traits). Now, upgrading a Survivor from Rare to Epic costs 120 Tokens (the cost of upgrading Epic Traits).
  • Changes to the current Guild map have been introduced.
  • In addition to Leader Traits for Heroes, there are also new Survivor and Equipment Traits.
    • Vigilante: Overwatch Efficiency is increased by xx%
      • Overwatch attacks cause 50% of the Survivors Damage. With Vigilant, that % will increase by amount shown in Vigilant.
    • Threat Reduction: appears to be a Melee Weapon Trait that has a chance of reducing the # of walkers that will spawn.
  • Apparently the max Level for Survivor Traits is now 10. Not a lot of details yet on the costs, but apparently the upgrade cost from Level 5 to Level 6 Traits are 500 Tokens.

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    1. And I will add the information for other player levels to the “Guild” Section of the site once I have it. I could only write from my own personal experience in the beta test.


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