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The New Trade Good Economy

With the 2.1 update, the game economy has had a drastic change.

  • Previously, Class & Hero Tokens could only be acquired with Radios. Now, we can get Tokens with Trade Goods, adding to their value in one way.
  • 1 Radio is now equivalent to 600 Trade Goods. For 600 Trade Goods, you can either:
    • Buy 8 Class Tokens
    • Make a 1x Radio Call (most likely worth 2 Tokens, but a chance for more.)
  • Here’s what you can currently buy in the Trade Good Store
    • 1 Radio = 600 TGs
    • 3 Radios = 1,800 TGs
    • 5 Radios = 3,000 TGs
    • 8 Class Tokens = 600 TGs
    • 30 Class Tokens = 2,500 TGs
    • 4 Hero Tokens = 800 TGs
    • Silver Crate = 200 TGs
    • Gold Crate = 500 TGs
    • Rare Crate = 1,500 TGs
    • Epic Crate = 3,000 TGs (new, lower cost)
    • Legendary Crate = 7,500 TGs
    • Legendary Weapon w/ Random Traits = 12,500 TGs
    • 10,000 Trade Goods = 2,500,000 Food
    • 400 Trade Goods = 100,000 Food

Trade Good Budget

  • In a perfect world, we’d have more than enough Trade Goods to buy everything offered in the Trade Good Store.
  • However, Trade Goods are not unlimited, but what’s our Trade Good Budget?
    • 10,500 Maximum Trade Goods a week from Outpost Building.
      • ~1,500 Maximum a day x 7 days = 10,500 Maximum Trade Goods
    • Here’s how many Trade Goods you get based on the Stars you earn in a week:
      • 530 Stars: 13,000 Total Trade Goods a week
      • 440 Stars: 11,400 Total Trade Goods a week
      • 370 Stars: 9,900 Total Trade Goods a week
      • 310 Stars: 8,500 Total Trade Goods a week
      • 260 Stars: 7,200 Total Trade Goods a week
      • 220 Stars: 6,000 Total Trade Goods a week
      • 170 Stars: 4,900 Total Trade Goods a week
      • 120 Stars: 3,900 Total Trade Goods a week
  • So, if you get 220 Stars a week, and collect from your Outpost pretty efficiently…
    • your Trade Good Budget for the week would be about 16,000
      • (6,000 + ~10,000 Trade Goods = 16,000 Trade Good Budget)
  • To be able to purchase more stuff from the Trade Good Store, you will need to raid!!


  • If you are focusing on Tokens, you have the chance to buy class Tokens 6 times a day, costing 3,600 Tokens if you purchase every available option.
    • 25,200 Trade Goods is the cost of buying all the available class tokens for a week.
  • Hero Tokens aren’t always an available option, but let’s assume they are available 2 times a day. That would be 14 chances for Hero Tokens a week:
    • 11,200 Trade Goods is the cost of buying 14 Hero Tokens in a week.
  • Radios cost 600 TGs per radio, and are available to be purchased 1 Radio or 3 Radios (1,800 TGs) at a time.
  • Crates are still available in the Trade Good Store, but you can’t buy unlimited crates like you were previously able:
    • Legendary Crate: 7,500 TG
    • Epic Crate: 3,000 TG (lower cost)
    • Rare Crate: 1,500 TG
    • Gold Crate: 500 TG
    • Silver Crate: 200 TG

Smart Raiding

To be able to buy as much stuff as possible from the Trade Good Store, you’re going to need to Raid efficiently with the new changes to Outposts.

  • There have been some changes to Outposts in Update 2.1.
    • To get Trade Goods from a Raid, you must open the Trade Good Crate by the enemies Defenders.
    • To get Influence from a Raid, you must kill the Defenders in the Outpost.
    • When you are Raided, you no longer lose any of your Trade Goods, but still lose Influence if your Defenders are killed.
  • Here’s my strategy for Raiding.
    • My goal is to kill the Walkers, Open the Gate, Grab the Trade Goods, then leave the mission without injury and Hospital Time. This is not always possible, but we can try to maximize our chances.
    • Bring a Scout on your Raid to utilize the extra movement. There are some map setups that allow you to grab the Trade Goods without having to engage the Defenders: this is the ideal setup to attack, but isn’t possible against Rural Fields.
    • Don’t attack the Rural Field Map!!
    • When getting ready to open the gate, place your Scout in the best position to run for the Trade Good Crate. If it’s close enough, you can open the Trade Good Box immediately after the gate is opened, and the Defenders won’t attack you.
    • Ignore the Defenders and “Complete” the mission.





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