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Update 2.3 Release Notes

Today we got the first look at what will be included in the 2.3 Update. Here’s a quick summary.

  • Gameplay/Balancing
    • Building Points (Player Level) should be fixed. All players should now have consistent Player Levels/Building Points.
      • Also, all maxed out players should get Level 20 gear from Legendary Crates!!!
    • Overwatch logic has been tweaked.
      • The Range of each Survivor’s Overwatch attack is now considered when choosing targets. So, melee Survivors shouldn’t have their overwatch kills “stolen” by ranged Survivors, and Survivors should attack enemies that are closer to them more often.
    • Outposts
      • Special walkers should now be moved further away from your Survivors’ starting position.
      • You will not lose Gas if you go to start a Raid, and get the “Player has come online” message that prevents the Raid from happening.
      • You may need to adjust your Outpost setup to account for these changes.
      • There should now be at least 6 walkers in every Outpost.
    • Traits
      • Rick’s “Take Cover” Leader Trait has been removed. Instead, his new Trait is “Close Call”: Your survivors’ attacks deal more damage if the target is next to an ally.
      • Michonne’s “Thinning the Herd” now works this way: “Your team’s melee kills have a chance of reducing threat and a chance of regaining an action point.” This sounds awesome, if you can ever unlock her!! It’s basically Threat Reduction and Swift Strike!!!
      • Jesus and Abraham’s leader traits also improve the health of melee/ranged Survivors, in addition to adding damage. This has apparently always been the case, but was never stated.
      • Charging now works like this: “chance to get an extra charge point from a kill and charge attacks deal more damage.”
      • Power Strike now works as follows: “Attacks made on your turn deal more damage AND HAVE A BETTER CRITICAL CHANCE if you have not moved.”
  • Interface
    • A counter has been added to show how many total pieces of equipment you have in your inventory. The limit for total quantity of equipment is 300 pieces.
    • Guild info and leaderboards can now be seen when the Challenge is inactive.
    • Equipment cards where gear is shown now feature the icon for the what class it belongs to.
    • The class sorting menu on the Team Selection screen is now visible!!
    • Auto center removed??
    • Outposts Wins/Losses have been changed to include “Draws”. A Draw will happen when a Raider only collects the flag, but the other two goals are left incomplete when no Trade Goods or Influence changes hands.
    • Trade Good Shop will now have a confirmation screen when purchasing all items.
  • Rewards
    • Killing a defending Hero in Outpost now gives XP, and more XP than non-Hero defenders.
    • Hard Scavenge missions now provide more Supplies/XP/Phone/Gas in the crates at the end of the mission, and the Gear found in these crates will be more rare more often.
      • Not sure what this means yet.
  • Content
    • New Guild Challenge Mission: Alexandria
    • New Scavenge Maps: 48 total maps and some have been tweaked
  • Under the Hood
    • “Veteran users may notice some subtle changes to aspects of the game. While these do not directly affect gameplay or rewards, players may find it useful to know that these features have been worked on, and additional future work may be forthcoming”
    • Delivery of in-game ads in the Cinema and after missions has been re-implemented.
    • Guild and Challenge Leaderboards are reimplemented using new software.

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