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It’s here…BEST EVENT EVER!!!

If you have the time to play the game a lot this weekend, this is your chance to get a lot of radios. This is about the only event I’ll buy a gas booster (or 3!) for. 

If you aren’t buying a gas booster, or even if you are, replaying the Season 7 Tara mission (#6) on easy is the quickest and easiest way to get radios; to optimize your speed (and thus more radios on a gas booster), just run to the exit and don’t bother killing the walkers.  You won’t be getting many supplies, xp or any good gear, but the mission is the best value for your gas (only costs 1 gas!). 

You can also get gear in gold crates in Food/Supply missions during this event. 

Now stop reading this, and go get some RADIOS!! Have fun!


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