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This Week in NML…

  • First off…
    • This week’s Distance Version is #3…here’s the NEW GUIDE.
    • This week’s Challenge is After the Wildfire. The new guide is still being built, but click HERE for it…the old guide can be found HERE

IMG_4598 copy.PNG

  • What’s going on during Daryl’s Week?
    • Fire Damage causes 25% of a walkers total health in damage each turn (up from 10%). So set those Spiked and Tank Walkers on fire in Challenge Missions, and watch those Walkers burn out (4 turns max)!
    • Daryl Tokens can be found in the Trade Good Store, as rewards from Daily Quests, as rewards in the Distance…
    • Plus there’s a special Daryl Call with increased chances for Daryl (20 radios), and a special call with multiple Heroes (and two “rerolls”) for 40 radios per call.

Herd Event 01 (Spiked).png

  • The Weekend Event is the Herd! Look for 10x more Walkers at the walls in your camp (log in every 30 mins to clear them all out)!
  • You can get Gas from these Walkers, in addition to the normal rewards.

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