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This Week in NML…


There will be no “Weekend Event” as we normally have. However, NG will be giving us a free Gas and 2x XP Booster. You can claim it for immediate starting Wednesday at 12:00 UTC and can be claimed until Monday at 12:00 UTC. Make sure to only claim it when you are ready to use it!!

  • What else is happening this week?
    • The Distance version this week should be #1. You can find the guide HERE.
    • The scheduled challenge this week is Ghost Town. You can find the old guide HERE, and the new guide is HERE.
    • IT’s DOUBLE HERO TOKEN WEEK! Each day, there will be a 15x radio call with an increased chance of finding a specific Hero and will often 2x the Hero Tokens for that specific Hero. Hopefully the Hero you really want to unlock/improve will show up!

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