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Update 2.11 – Sneak Peak #1

Although the date for the update has yet to be confirmed (probably 2nd week of June), here is the first look at some of what’s in the update! (Please note that more Sneak Peaks will be coming.)

  • Summer of Explosions!
    • No Mans Land is excited to invite you all to have a blast with our special event, the Summer of Explosions! This is a summer-long event that will reward your gameplay across all parts of No Man’s Land over the next few months. The event begins on Wednesday, the 29th of June.
  • Prizes
    • By playing the game this summer, you will work towards earning a series of awesome rewards, featuring the new “Daryl’s RPG” weapon (check out a gameplay video HERE, please note this video is from a Development build, so there may some changes). The most skillful and dedicated players will even earn a Legendary version of the weapon through the campaign! Other rewards, like radio phones, Hero and Class Tokens, and more can be collected along the way.
  • Summer Tokens
    • Gameplay in several game modes will reward you with Summer Tokens. Collecting these is crucial to unlocking Daryl’s RPG. [How do you think Abraham was able to get the RPG in the show? He had Summer Tokens!. Summer Tokens are not spent to claim rewards, so you can earn everything possible on your way to getting your ultimate prize. You can find them in many parts of the game:
      • Daily Quests
      • Trade Goods Shop
      • The Distance
      • Weekly Challenges
      • Challenge Guild Rewards
    • Check out the Summer Campaign screen found in the Camp to view the rewards you can earn, and also to see where Summer Tokens can be found. In addition, keep your eyes open for special events related to the Summer Campaign to happen throughout the summer!
  • Daryl’s RPG
    • The most destructive addition to the game since the Exploding Walkers is here: Daryl’s Rocket Launcher has been found, and you can get one for your camp!
    •  The RPG is a Hunter-only weapon, but it functions very differently from other Hunter weapons.
      • The RPG hits a group of up to 9 enemies at once from long range.
      • Base Damage of the RPG is greater than that of other Hunter Weapons.
      • The central target of the attack will never experience a Body Shot, regardless of level or special walker properties [such as Armored Walkers].
      • After firing, the RPG requires a turn to reload. The hunter can still move, open crates and doors, and bandage themselves while reloading, but cannot attack.
      • Aim carefully: if one of your Survivors is caught in the blast, they will receive damage from the attack.
      • To prevent ‘accidents’ caused by firing near your allies, the RPG cannot be used to make attacks during the enemies’ turns [including Overwatch, Revenge, and Retaliate].
      • The RPG does not collect Charge Points nor does it have a Charge Attack.
      • The explosion won’t set nearby enemies/allies on fire.”


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