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Army Base Challenge and Weekend Event

For information about the brand new Army Base Challenge Map, check out my guide HERE.

And check out Terminates video for the Weeekend Event Announcement!

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After the Wildfire – Overview, Strategies & Tips

Check out my breakdown for the current Challenge: After the Wildfire HERE. This is a newer challenge, so I’ll try to update it with more tips throughout the challenge, and hopefully add some videos as well.

In case you weren’t aware, the challenge had to be reset shortly after the challenge started. That’s why there was 20 free gas in the Trade Good Shop, and 5 minute gas today. Hopefully you can take advantage of the faster gas today and earn some stars!

Good luck!

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Exploding Walker Changes, and Ka-Boom

If you haven’t noticed yet, Explosive Walkers have undergone a change. They no longer give out a constant large damage blast. Instead, they do a blast damage relative to their level. This means you probably won’t always kill Normal Walkers in the blast radius, and definitely won’t always kill Tank and Armored Walkers. This may have been a bug, so keep an eye out!


Click HERE for the Overview, Strategy and Tips for the Ka-Boom Challenge.