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This Week in NML…


There will be no “Weekend Event” as we normally have. However, NG will be giving us a free Gas and 2x XP Booster. You can claim it for immediate starting Wednesday at 12:00 UTC and can be claimed until Monday at 12:00 UTC. Make sure to only claim it when you are ready to use it!!

  • What else is happening this week?
    • The Distance version this week should be #1. You can find the guide HERE.
    • The scheduled challenge this week is Ghost Town. You can find the old guide HERE, and the new guide is HERE.
    • IT’s DOUBLE HERO TOKEN WEEK! Each day, there will be a 15x radio call with an increased chance of finding a specific Hero and will often 2x the Hero Tokens for that specific Hero. Hopefully the Hero you really want to unlock/improve will show up!
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This Week in NML…

  • First off…
    • This week’s Distance Version is #3…here’s the NEW GUIDE.
    • This week’s Challenge is After the Wildfire. The new guide is still being built, but click HERE for it…the old guide can be found HERE

IMG_4598 copy.PNG

  • What’s going on during Daryl’s Week?
    • Fire Damage causes 25% of a walkers total health in damage each turn (up from 10%). So set those Spiked and Tank Walkers on fire in Challenge Missions, and watch those Walkers burn out (4 turns max)!
    • Daryl Tokens can be found in the Trade Good Store, as rewards from Daily Quests, as rewards in the Distance…
    • Plus there’s a special Daryl Call with increased chances for Daryl (20 radios), and a special call with multiple Heroes (and two “rerolls”) for 40 radios per call.

Herd Event 01 (Spiked).png

  • The Weekend Event is the Herd! Look for 10x more Walkers at the walls in your camp (log in every 30 mins to clear them all out)!
  • You can get Gas from these Walkers, in addition to the normal rewards.
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Weekend Event


April 6, 8:00 UTC to April 9, 12:00 UTC

  • 5 Second Gear Upgrades
  • Component Event
    • Higher chances of getting components and badge fragments in every mission with crate rewards (Story, Season, Challenge, and Scavenge on difficulty 15 or higher)
    • Higher chances of getting better results from Crafting.
      • For example, by using only COMMON components, there is a small chance to get an EPIC BADGE!
    • New offers in the Components Shop.



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This Week in NML…

Hero Week - Rosita 01 copy.PNG

Let’s take a look at what’s going on this week in NML…

  • It’s Rosita Week: look for more of her tokens to be found throughout the game. We do get an amazing bonus this week: Assaults start each mission FULLY CHARGED (but not in the Distance…all the details are below)
  • This week is Distance Version #3: you can find the guide HERE
  • This week’s scheduled challenge is Fight it Out. That is the old guide…a new one will be available Wednesday or Thursday and will be linked at the top of the old guide.
  • UPDATE: The weekend event is FREE BADGE REMOVAL and there will also be an Epic Molotov (Rufus’ Weapon) in the TG Store. Badge Removal Event.jpg


Hero Week - Rosita 02.PNG