Distance #1

  • This Guide is for the Distance Version #1. Recent dates this version has run are:
    • 4/24/18, 4/28/18
    • 2/27/18, 3/3/18

  • If you are new to the Distance or want to read some of my general tips and strategies, check HERE.
  • If you like the old guide better, you can still view it HERE.
  • If the images for each map confuse you, look at the bottom of this page for a description of what each image shows!

  • Just a few reminders….
    • Do everything to keep SASHA alive!!!
    • Use INCENDIARY on Hunter Rifles to set Freemen on fire (or the Walkers that will attack them). This will cause their struggles to last only 1 turn and is a HUGE benefit. Incendiary is also used on very tough Walkers to chip away at their damage (the burn damage is 10% of the Walkers total Health on every turn). You could also use a charged Assault with a Flamethrower to accomplish the same thing!

  • A few notes about VERSION #1 of the Distance:
    • Mission #21 is damn near impossible to beat.
    • Assaults and Bruisers aren’t as important on Version #1 since you don’t really need their stun abilities as much as other versions. However, having a 2-4 of each charged up can be helpful for the Final Stand.

Here is my complete guide Video for this Version #1 of the Distance (just a preview of Mission 21, I didn’t beat it in the video). There is a Table of Contents in the video Description that will take you immediately to the map you wish to see! (This video isn’t meant to be an exact walkthrough for beating each map, just a guide and a way for you to see what you will encounter).

Edge of the Woods (Card #1)

Foreman's Office (Card #1)

Loading Zone (Card #1)

River Through Stone (Card #1)

Refuse Pile (Card #1)

Quarry Basin (Card #1)

Holdout (Card #1)

Relief Mission (Card #1)

The Pit (Card #1)

  • I like to move along the bottom row on this map.

Arterial (Card #1).png

  • At this point, I’m going to bring a semi-strong Assault and Hunter to get charged up on this map while protecting the fence opener (most likely a ranged survivor as well).

Crime Scene (Card #1)

  • This is the map where I bring a non-charged Sasha, and my two best shooters (or other ranged if those are your strongest) to get charged up.

Crash Test (Card #1)

  • Try to let the Freemen and Walkers battle it out.
  • Use Incendiary to speed things up.
  • Keep advancing or move into an attacking position when the Spawn Wave comes.

Keep off Grass (Card #1)

  • This is the first map where I will probably lose a Survivor. I bring Sasha and my beastly Shooter, along with my weakest charged Shooter. With that combination, I can kill almost all of the Armored Walkers, and get very near the 10 required kills. If necessary, sacrifice your worst shooter…make sure to try to recharge Sasha and your other strong survivor.

Outskirts (Card #1)

  • I use the same method as the previous map: Sasha, best ranged Survivor (Shooter for me), and my weakest charged shooter. Make as much progress as possible, flee, then keep repeating. When I’m ready to finish the map, I will wait for the spawn and try to recharge Sasha and my other Survivors before finishing the map.

Checkpoint (Card #1).png

  • I like to bring Sasha and a charged Hunter or two (maybe a shooter instead of one Hunter). Since my Hunters aren’t as strong as my Shooters, now is a good time to get some use out some weaker charged Hunters while as pawns since I need to flee a couple of times before completing this map.

Show of Force (Card #1).png

  • Set the Tank on fire with your worst Hunter (along with 2 other very weak survivors), and run around until it burns out. Don’t bring any strong survivors on this map as you don’t want to lose a strong survivor on this map.

Deployment Zone (Card #1).png

  • Like on Checkpoint, I bring a charged Hunter as my sacrifice along with Sasha and my Shooter.

Lookout Towers (Card #1).png

  • Set the Tank on fire and try to run around and let it burn out. I always bring 3 very weak Survivors that I don’t mind losing.

Motorpool (Card #1).png

  • Along with Sasha and my strong Shooter, I will usually bring a charged Assault for the first attempt on this map to kill off as many Walkers as possible on the first attempt. From there, I will keep trying to recharge Sasha/Shooter while bringing other Survivors to sacrifice and deal some damage along the way.

Command Center (Card #1).png

  • Ignore the Tanks and just kill the Normal Walkers that start on the map.
  • Once the Normal Walkers are killed off, try to avoid the Tanks while opening the fence. This will probably require multiple attempts.
  • In addition to Sasha/Shooter, I initially use my other charged Shooters/Hunters to kill off the initial normal walkers before fleeing. As fewer Normal Walkers remain, I will start using some charged Scouts to try to get kills and start opening the fence before fleeing.

Final Stand (Card #1).png

  • My extreme congratulations to anyone that can beat this map. This is the only Distance mission I haven’t beat yet, but here are my tips.
  • With no spawning Walkers, you must deal all the damage to the Freemen yourself.
  • Focus on the Scout or the Hunter first (I’d try for the Hunter).
  • I try using my best Survivors that have the best Badges, along with a Hunter with Incendiary (or charged Assault with Flamethrower).
  • If you can take down the Hunter/Scout, try using Sasha and two charged Bruisers to kill the Warrior; use a Bruiser charge to initially stun the Warrior, than keep attacking and hope to recharge up your Bruisers and alternate Stun abilities (Lucky/Concussing/Charging are helpful Bruiser weapon Traits).

Info Card Explanations:

  • On the Info Cards for each mission, you will see a couple of graphics that may not be easily understood at first.
    • The bigger image is the “Map Markup.” This image shows every available grid space on top of a near blank image of the map.
      • White marks are normal spaces.
      • S1/S2/S3 are the starting positions based upon their lineup placement (S1 = Leader position, S2 = middle position, S3 = right position)
      • Red marks are where SPAWN WAVES come from.
      • Purple marks are where OTHER SPAWNS come from (not from a Spawn Wave).
      • Orange marks are where you can open objects from.
    • The smaller image is the basic “Map Grid.” This image is a simplified version of the Map Markup image, and has column (letters) and row (number) labels used to identify each position.
      • Grey boxes are normal spaces
      • Black boxes can’t be walked on by Survivors.
      • Red boxes can’t be walked on and are usually Walker “Pits.”
      • Orange boxes are where objects can be opened from.
      • Blue boxes are exit spaces.

This page was last updated on: 3/3/2018