Distance #3

  • This Guide is for the Distance Version #3. Recent dates this version has run are:
    • 3/13/18, 3/17/18

  • If you are new to the Distance or want to read some of my general tips and strategies, check HERE.
  • If you like the old guide better, you can still view it HERE.
  • If the images for each map confuse you, look at the bottom of this page for a description of what each image shows!

  • Just a few reminders….
    • Do everything to keep SASHA alive!!!
    • Use INCENDIARY on Hunter Rifles to set Freemen on fire (or the Walkers that will attack them). This will cause their struggles to last only 1 turn and is a HUGE benefit. Incendiary is also used on very tough Walkers to chip away at their damage (the burn damage is 10% of the Walkers total Health on every turn). You could also use a charged Assault with a Flamethrower to accomplish the same thing!

  • A few notes about VERSION #3 of the Distance:
    • Charged Assaults and Bruisers (as well as a Hunter with Incendiary) will be very important on Missions 17, 20 and 21.
    • Mission 18 is probably where it’s best to use your strongest charged Survivors.

Here is my guide video for this version of the Distance (Version #3). There is a Table of Contents in the video Description that will take you immediately to the map you wish to see! (This video isn’t meant to be an exact walkthrough for beating each map, just a guide and a way for you to see what you will encounter).

River Through Stone (Card #3)

Quarry Basin (Card #3).png

Holdout (Card #3)

Refuse Pile (Card #3).png

Loading Zone (Card #3)

Foreman's Office (Card #3)

Edge of the Woods (Card #3)

Arterial (Card #3)

Crime Scene (Card #3)

Crash Test (Card #3)

  • Bring 3 Survivors you don’t mind losing to this map since the Freemen can go wild on this map; it’s not a very difficult map, but it’s not worth risking any valuable survivors. I use two Assaults and a Hunter and try to keep a safe distance and let the Freemen and Armored Walkers battle it out while I shoot at them.

Outskirts (Card #3)

  • This is the map where I bring Sasha out for the first time, along with two other Ranged Survivors to get charged up.

Keep Off the Grass (Card #3).png

  • Here I bring Sasha and a powerful Shooter, along with another Shooter I don’t mind losing. This map isn’t too difficult, but it’s possible to get into a bit of trouble if you can’t kill the Tank/Armored Walkers before the spawning walkers start to come.

The Pit (Card #3).png

  • I bring the final 3 Ranged Survivors that I will be able to “easily” charge up. A couple Assaults/Hunters are really good at attacking the multiple Walkers that will constantly spawn, and an Assault is good for taking a hit or two from the Armored Walkers.

Relief Mission (Card #3)

  • Be careful of the Goo Walker that may be hiding in space B7. I bring Sasha/Shooter and a pawn to try to take out as many initial Walkers as possible before possibly fleeing one or two times.

Checkpoint (Card #3)

  • I bring Sasha/Shooter and a Ranged pawn. It’s very possible to beat this map without losing your pawn, depending on the placement of the Explosive Walker and if your Sasha/Shooter/pawn is charged up. After opening the fence, try to recharge your Survivors if possible.

Lookout Towers (Card #3).png

  • Leave Sasha on the bench for this one; you never know what those Shooter Freemen will do!
  • Try to let the Freemen and Tanks fight it out while moving towards the exit. Set them on fire with Incendiary.
  • You can probably sneak by the Tanks/Freemen as they are fighting and open the fence, but you can also kill the Tanks after they’ve taken care of the Freemen.

Motorpool (Card #3).png

  • Remember, you don’t have to kill the Freemen, only make it to the exit.
  • Bring two charged Bruisers/Assaults to stun the Freemen and get towards the exit. Let the Bruisers and Walkers fight it out while you open the fence and escape!

Final Stand (Card #3)

  • This is probably where you want to use your strongest charged survivors to take out one Armored Walker at a time. Keep Sasha alive as you may need her on the next level.

Command Center (Card #3).png

  • AVOID THE TANKS unless you have balls and/or lady parts of steel!! Just wait for the spawns to come and use your charge attacks on them. Try to recharge if needed before fleeing, while eventually making progress on opening the fence.

Show of Force (Card #3).png

  • Bruisers/Assaults and a Hunter with Incendiary are how I attack almost every map with Freemen and spawning walkers.
  • Stun and set the Freemen on fire, sneak past them towards the fence, and wait for them to die!!

Deployment Zone (Card #3)

  • Bruisers/Assaults and a Hunter with Incendiary are how I attack almost every map with Freemen and spawning walkers.
  • Stun and set the Freemen on fire, sneak past them towards the fence, and wait for them to die!!

Info Card Explanations:

  • On the Info Cards for each mission, you will see a couple of graphics that may not be easily understood at first.
    • The bigger image is the “Map Markup.” This image shows every available grid space on top of a near blank image of the map.
      • White marks are normal spaces.
      • S1/S2/S3 are the starting positions based upon their lineup placement (S1 = Leader position, S2 = middle position, S3 = right position)
      • Red marks are where SPAWN WAVES come from.
      • Purple marks are where OTHER SPAWNS come from (not from a Spawn Wave).
      • Orange marks are where you can open objects from.
    • The smaller image is the basic “Map Grid.” This image is a simplified version of the Map Markup image, and has column (letters) and row (number) labels used to identify each position.
      • Grey boxes are normal spaces
      • Black boxes can’t be walked on by Survivors.
      • Red boxes can’t be walked on and are usually Walker “Pits.”
      • Orange boxes are where objects can be opened from.
      • Blue boxes are exit spaces.

This page was last updated on: 3/14/2018