Fight it Out (New)

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Here is some information (and a few tips and strategies) for the Fight It Out Challenge. Use this information, try some of these strategies if you want, or develop your own and see what works best. Using your best Survivors will usually give you the best chance at earning more stars, so work with what you have!!

  • Some other info…
    • Here’s an overview of some of my general Challenge and Guild Tips that discuss and show some of the strategies that may be mentioned here.
    • If you like the old guide better, you can find it HERE.
    • If you are looking for a guild, head over HERE.

Challenge Notes:

  • Please check any spawn blocks that you use on the easier missions to make sure NG hasn’t made them useless!
  • BEWARE!!! When you get to the 2nd or 3rd repeating round in a level of difficulty, you may see an extra Tank/Armored Walker on the map, and you may get Tanks/Armored Walkers in spawn waves starting at level 30/31.
  • If there is a video of the map, please take note of the Survivor Levels/Gear/Pink Stars/Badges and if there were any Class Bonus’ used during the video as that will impact how easily a map can be beaten. Use most videos as guides and examples…not as exact walkthroughs..

Info Card Notes:

  • Please see the bottom of this page for an explanation of the Info Cards used for each map!! I hope they are useful.

Sweeping the Cellar (Card).png

  • Use your best Survivors here (ranged for me). Make sure you have a Survivor capable of taking a hit or two (with Stun Resistance Armor) in case there’s a Tank within striking distance to start the map. Once you clear out the first group of Walkers, the map is pretty easy, especially if you have Sasha and a Shooter.

Dead's End (Card).png

  • Typically, I like to move to the right side of the map as usually there won’t be a Tank Walker that can attack you.
  • I like to bring a powerful Shooter and try to charge them up on Normal Walkers before using the charged attack on the Tanks/Armored.

Back Alley (Card).png

  • There are two setups for this map. Both present difficulties.
    • Freemen on the left: it’s likely you’ll take more damage with this setup. I like to try to kill the Hunter and Scout first if possible…and sometimes you get lucky and the Freemen will run out and attack the Freemen.
    • Freemen on the right: a shooter (or two) with Gold High Powered is helpful to hit the Bruiser/Scout from a safe distance, although you’ll probably still get shot by the Hunter when it runs to left (shot by either a regular or overwatch attack).

Through the Wire (Card).png

  • Sasha/Assault and another ranged Survivor is what I use when this map gets tough. I hope to get the Assault charged up to use when the Armored Walkers start to close in. I’ll try to use my more powerful charged attacks on the Tanks.

The Archives (Card).png

  • I use Sasha and two assaults on this map. I protect Sasha with my Assaults while trying to get them charged up (you may not want to have Piercing on your Assault weapons on this map).

In the Compound (Card).png

  • Stay around the starting point and wait for the Walkers to come to you while you charge up your Survivors.

Info Card Notes:

  • The “Basic Grid” is pretty simple, and only has two colors.
    • Black: a space that can’t be occupied by our Survivors
    • Grey: a space that can be occupied by our Survivors

This page was last updated on: 3/14/2018