General Tips

General Tips

  • Log in as much as possible! Logging in every 50 minutes to an hour will allow you to clear the walkers from your wall, and give you more chances at Radios and Gold, along with XP and Food.
  • Check your Trade Good Store every 7 hours!! Doing this will get you as many freebies as possible

  • Save your Gold! You can earn a lot of free Gold through playing the game, and especially from completing in-game Achievements/Quests. It’s easy to get impatient and spend your Gold on speeding up actions (or buying the needed XP/Supplies for an upgrade), but if you are patient, you can use that free Gold on things that are more useful to your long term success and enjoyment of the game. What would I spend Gold on?
    • Survivor Slots – Survivor slots can only be purchased with Gold (or with real $$ in some bundles), and increase the number of Survivors you can have.
    • Outfits – Outfits don’t increase the damage or health of your Survivors, but they can be a fun way to customize your Survivors.
      • Note: some Outfits have been included in special Bundles that you can buy for $$. It’s likely these Bundles will be released again in the future, so check the “Bundles” section of this site to see if the outfit you are interested in was ever included in a Bundle. If it has, you may want to hold off on purchasing that outfit if you are willing to spend real $$ on the Bundle if it is re-released.
      • Outfits have also been sold in the Trade Good Store, so it may be wise to save your Gold if you’re on a budget, and hope the outfit shows up in the Trade Good Store at some point.
    • Unlocking Extra Gold/Silver Crates after Missions – I rarely do this since the rewards aren’t always that great, but I will use Gold for extra crates during the Increased Radios weekend event.
    • Healing Survivors in the Hospital – If you play a lot of Challenge Missions, you will sometimes want to heal your best Survivors so you can play another mission and not waste your Gas.

  • You can change the name of your Survivors. To do this, click on the Survivors Tab, then click on your Survivor. Tap on the Survivors name, and the keyboard should pop up allowing you change their name.
    • Name Change 1.PNGName Change 2.PNGName Change 3.PNGName Change 5.PNG

  • You can store 300 now pieces of Equipment in your inventory. Once you get to 300 pieces of non-equipped Equipment, the game will “Auto-Scrap” some of your Equipment. You will receive the Scrap Value XP of the Equipment, and the game will choose the lowest levels of Common and Uncommon Equipment that hasn’t been upgraded to Scrap. Epic and Legendary Equipment won’t get scrapped, but Rare Equipment will be scrapped, even if it’s been upgraded. So, if you have Rare gear you don’t want scrapped, always keep it equipped on a Survivor before you log out.

Bundle Tips

  • Before purchasing a bundle with equipment, level up a Survivor in the class of that Weapon as high as possible. The base level of the weapon will be the same as the level of your highest Survivor in that class. So, if the bundle has a Scout Weapon, the Weapon will be the same level as your highest Scout Survivor.
  • Before purchasing a bundle with full Supplies, use up your current Supplies to maximize the number of Supplies you get. You may also want to upgrade your Storage Supplies buildings to get more bang for you buck.
  • Wait as long as possible before buying bundles with Equipment and Full Supplies. As you progress in the early stages of the game, you will quickly outgrow your Equipment. Since the level of the Equipment matches your Highest Survivor Level of that class, Equipment bought from bundles may become useless to you in a short amount of time.

Swapping Equipment

You can swap your equipment on your Survivor Selection screen before a mission. Just tap on the “i” on the top right of the Survivor picture.

Select Survivors - Equip Swap.PNG

Scrapping Equipment

You can scrap Equipment from the rewards screen. You can do it when you open crates after a mission, or after watching ads from the Cinema. Just tap on the Equipment on the rewards screen:

Scrap Equip 01.PNG

Scrap Equip 02.PNG

Scrap Equip 03.PNG

Watching Videos

  • You can watch Videos in two different places:
    1. From the Cinema (red “play” button by that antennae in your camp.
    2. After opening crates after a mission.
  • If working as intended, you should get 4 videos from each method every hour. I like to save my post-mission videos to try to open a Gold Crate if I didn’t open it in my first 3 tries. Don’t let them go to waste as they are basically free Resources.

RSL of Scavenge Missions

The Recommended Survivor Level (RSL) of normal and hard Scavenge Missions are determined by your highest Survivor Level, so when you level up your first Survivor to a higher level, you should have the RSL of the Scavenge missions increase. It will also increase if you get your first 6 Star (Pink Star) Survivor, and increases as you get your first 7/8/9/10 Star Survivors. This may be advantageous or detrimental to your progress, so be aware!