Ghost Town

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Ghost Town - Map Overview.JPG

Here is some information (and a few tips and strategies) for the Ghost Town Challenge. As always, different people will have different strategies. So, use this information, try some of these strategies if you want, or develop your own and see what works best. Using your best Survivors will usually give you the best chance at earning more stars, so work with what you have!!

Here’s an overview of some of my general Challenge and Guild Tips that discuss and show some of the strategies mentioned here that can help you get more stars.

Please share any strategies or videos in the comments!! Take note of any weekly Class bonuses that may have helped out! Thanks to everyone from the community and the Eh family for their contributions!

There are plenty of Heroes that could be useful that I don’t mention here. It all depends on your play style and rarity of certain Heroes, but I find Abraham and Sasha to be useful at any level.

Please note that when you start getting to the repeat levels of difficulties, you can get an extra Tank or Armored Walker in the map. NG likes to make things more difficult!



Overview: Open the 3 crates and get to the exit.

Potential Strategies: The first order of business is dealing with the initial Tank walker (or any walkers that spawn close to you. Once you make your way to the middle part of the map, spawn blocks and survivor positioning is very important. Shooters with High Powered weapon trait, along with other ranged survivors can be useful on this map, but you can start to get trapped on difficult levels of the maps which makes it hard to reach the exit. If you are having difficulties with ranged, Scouts with Threat Reduction may be the way to limit spawns while dealing a good amount of damage.

  • Potential Heroes to use:
    • Abraham: More health and damage for ranged survivors always helps.
    • Sasha: Turning body shots into charge points can be very valuable.

Spawn Locations:

Suburbia - Spawns.PNG

  • There are also Walkers that spawn in the dark area closer to the exit. Be aware of those Walkers when moving towards the exit.

Spawn Blocks:

Suburbia - Spawn Block 01.PNG

Suburbia - Spawn Block Trunk.PNG




Overview: Kill all the Fatties!!! Beware, there’s usually one Tank hiding behind the truck above your starting point.


  • Hunters and Shooters are great to use on this map, and Assaults can be useful as well. Piercing (as always) is a great weapon trait, as is Destructive. Use Stun Resistance on your armor if you have it. If you use an Assault, Wide Spread is not necessary since you will rarely need it, so you can build an assault weapon that does more damage.
  • Scouts with the Pitchfork or Kingdom Spear can utilize the “fake interrupt” strategy where you overwatch from a safe distance but still get an attack in.
  • Potential Heroes to use:
    • Rosita: Since you are usually attacking 1 Walker at a time, Rosita can be useful.
    • Dwight: The extra damage Dwight does to Tanks can be very helpful.
    • Abraham: If you use an all Ranged Team, the extra Damage and Health is a great bonus.
    • Sasha: At tougher levels, you will get a lot of Body Shots. Sasha can help you get charged up quicker.
    • Daryl: Everyone has Daryl and he can be very helpful for not adding to the Spawn counter and getting more critical attacks.



Overview: This map requires you to initially kill 3 Normal Walkers and 4 Armored Walkers before opening the back of the truck and then having to kill potentially 4 more Armored Walkers. You can not finish the map until you kill the Armored Walkers that come out of the truck.


  • Getting an Assault charged attack is extremely useful so you can stun the Armored Walkers when they come out of the truck. If you place an Assault in the 3rd spot on your team with silver or gold Wide Spread on their gun, you can hit all 3 Normal Walkers on your first turn. This helps even more if your Survivor has the Sure Shot Trait. SWAT - Starting Position Assault.PNG
  • As for other Survivors to use, Hunters and shooters can be useful. Warriors and Scouts can also be helpful, especially with Power Strike if you can set up properly before releasing the Armored Walkers from the Truck (or on spawn waves).
  • Potential Heroes to use:
    • Abraham: More damage and health for your ranged survivors is always helpful.
    • Sasha: Turning body shots into quicker charged attacks is helpful.
    • Dwight: More damage to the Armored walkers can be helpful.
    • Daryl: Everyone has Daryl and he can be very helpful for not adding to the Spawn counter and getting more critical attacks.
    • Michonne: Reduced Threats and potential Swift Strike can be helpful if you use multiple melee.
    • Rufus: With very few turns before spawn waves, Rufus could help get your Survivors charged more quickly.

Spawn Locations:

There appears to be only a maximum of 6 walkers that spawn on this map, 3 on the bottom left, and 3 in the top right. If you get stuck at the beginning of the map for the early spawn waves, place a Survivor (preferably a Hunter) in the bottom left of the map so all the spawning walkers are lined up. Alternatively, you could use a Warrior with Power Strike and place the Warrior above where the Walkers will spawn so you can attack all 3 without moving.

SWAT Spawn 01.PNG

SWAT Spawn 02.PNG

Spawn Blocks:

You can prevent all four Armored Walkers from emerging from the truck, and only have to kill 3. There are numerous places to put your Survivors, but I usually use this setup: SWAT - Spawn Block 01.PNG

Do not try to completely block the other spawns as the walkers will just spawn in different spots, and not line up for easy shots from Hunters/Warriors (bottom left) or an Assault/Warrior (top right).

Parking Lot

Parking Lot.PNG

Overview: Get the 3 unlocks and move to the exit.

Potential Strategies: I find ranged survivors (especially Assaults) very helpful on this map. Dealing with the initial Walkers can be tough, and Assaults will help you attack more of them. Save the non-red trunks for last if possible, and hopefully you won’t have to open them when the map gets tough. Utilize the spawn block for the “Danger Van” when the spawning Walkers get tough.

  • Potential Heroes to use:
    • Abraham: More health and damage for ranged survivors always helps.
    • Sasha: Turning body shots into charge points can be helpful.

Spawn Locations: These pics don’t show every potential spot, but just the general locations.

Parking Lot - Spawn 01.PNG

Parking Lot - Spawn 02.PNG

Spawn Blocks: This is the spawn block to use when opening the “Danger Van.”

Parking Lot - Spawn Block 01.PNG



Mainroad - Overview.PNG

Overview: Kill the Walkers, open the gate, and make your way to the exit.

Potential Strategies: First, deal with the 3 Normal and one Tank Walker. While one Survivor opens the gate, shoot the Tanks on the other side of the fence and kill the continually spawning Walkers behind you.

  • Potential Heroes to use:
    • Abraham: If you use ranged survivors, more damage and health is very helpful.
    • Sasha – Turning body shots into charge points is very helpful when the map gets difficult.
    • Dwight – More damage against Tanks and Freemen could be helpful.

Spawn Locations: These spawns aren’t always the exact same location.

Mainroad - Spawns 01.PNG

Mainroad - Spawns 02.PNG

Spawn Blocks:

Mainroad - Spawn Block 01.PNG

  • This could be useful when it takes a few turns to kill the initial Tank Walkers.

Mainroad - Spawn Block 02.PNG

  • You can’t completely block this spawn, but a two survivor variation may come in handy.

Mainroad - Spawn Block 03.PNG

Sunday Traffic

Sunday Traffic.PNG

Overview: Get the 3 unlocks and get to the exit.

Potential Strategies: Ranged Survivors and melee (especially Scouts with Threat Reduction) are viable strategies on this map. Leave the last “Danger Van” as the last door you open, so you can hopefully avoid the Tank that emerges. Try to have your most powerful two Survivors charged up and ready to attack the Tank, or you could just sacrifice the Survivor opening the van and keep your other two Survivors on the exit.

  • Potential Heroes to use:
    • Abraham: More health and damage for your ranged survivors always helps.
    • Sasha: Turning body shots into charge points can be helpful.
    • Jesus: More health and damage for melee is helpful if you go that route.
    • Gabriel: Extra Dodge and Lucky can be useful.
    • Michonne: Extra Swift Strike and Threat Reduction can be helpful.

Spawn Locations: These are just the general areas of the spawns, not all the exact locations.

Sunday Traffic - Spawn 01.PNG

Sunday Traffic - Spawn 02.PNG

Spawn Blocks:

Sunday Traffic - Spawn Block 02.PNG

  • If the Survivor opening the trunk is one space to the left, that spawning Walker may be invisible, so make sure you have all your Action Points (not half points) remaining if open the trunk on the left side.