Guild/Challenge Tips

Guild Tips

  • Join a Guild! Teaming up with others will allow you to collect shared Radio and Trade Good Rewards, and communicate with other players to help build your skills and learn new strategies.
  • There are a few strategies that can be used to get more Stars in Challenges.
    1. Pink Star Survivors – Upgrading Survivors to 6/7/8+ Stars will effectively let you pass one level of difficulty higher than before. Learn about The Value of Pink Stars. This is the best way to increase your star totals.
    2. Piercing Trait on Guns – If you want to use Assaults/Shooters/Hunters on high level Challenge missions, Piercing is a must have weapon trait. This is the only Trait that lowers the chance of Body Shots, and allows other Traits like Accurate, Sure Shot, Destructive, etc to take effect.
    3. Threat Reduction on Scout Weapons – Using a Scout (or two or three) with Threat Reduction is an amazing way to minimize Walker spawns on very hard levels.
    4. Assaults – If you can get an Assault charged up, their ability to stun everything but Tanks is super helpful.
    5. Wrestler Armor Trait – This is not the most ideal strategy, but when missions get tough, Wrestler may be the only chance you have to beat a map and potentially help you beat a Round. Wrestler is almost a must have Armor trait if you want to push your star total to the extreme. When you are certain that you won’t be able to beat a level without Wrestler, try to ignore the Tank Walkers. Their Health is so high that it takes multiple turns to kill them. So, try to kill everything else, and do your best to make sure you go into a struggle with the Tank Walker; it’s usually the “easiest” way to kill those high level Tanks.
    6. Defensive Stance and Iron Skin – On difficult levels, you will take damage from Walkers. Pairing these Survivor traits together on a “meat shield” survivor can help you take an extra attack or two and earn more stars (and adding Iron Skin on Armor only lessens the damage taken).
    7. Power Strike – If you like to use Melee Survivors, lining up a Survivor with Power Strike next to where Spawns will happen can really do some damage!
    8. Pitchfork and Kingdom Spear – This weapon offers extended range that allows you to safely overwatch with a Scout while staying safe!
    9. Pit the Walkers against the Freemen – It’s often difficult to kill the Freemen while staying out of their range of attack. Don’t attack walkers that are close to Freemen in hopes they will engage the Freemen. If possible, attack the Freemen so they have very little “green” health remaining, so the next attack from a walker puts them into a struggle.
    10. HEROES – Picking the right Hero can really help get you through tough missions.
      1. Abraham – If you like to blast your way through Challenge missions, putting Abraham in the Leader Position will boost your other Assaults/Hunters/Shooters Health and Damage ratings.
      2. Sasha – Turning body shots into charge points (especially with Assaults) is extremely helpful when you get to difficult levels. You may not want an Assault Rifle with Piercing so that you can get more body shots and hopefully charge your Assault quicker.
      3. Rufus – When turns before spawn waves get very low, Rufus can help charge your abilities quicker.
      4. Jesus – If you use melee teams, adding damage and health to the other team members is helpful.
      5. Michonne – If you use melee teams, increasing swift strike and threat reduction chances can be very useful.
      6. Tara – Tara has the potential to keep you in missions longer. Her ability to regain some Health can keep you fighting a little bit longer. She can’t help you regain stars lost due to injury, but she can keep you alive another turn or two.
      7. Morgan – Morgan has perfect “meat shield” traits, and his leader ability can help your Survivors charge faster.
      8. Rosita – On certain maps (like BBQ), Rosita’s ability to deal more damage on single targets can be useful. I will still choose Abraham or Sasha almost every time, but Rosita is an option, especially when using Shooters and Scouts.
      9. Daryl – Since everyone has Daryl, he is always an option, especially for newer players where he may be one of your best Survivors. If you have his retaliate trait unlocked, that will come in handy.

Here are a couple of videos that illustrate some of these strategies:

  • You can see the value of Threat Reduction and how Wrestler works in the video above, but the rest of the strategy is not ideal, haha.
  • Here you can see the value of Abraham and Assaults, along with the value of the Piercing Trait on guns.