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Hero Tokens Where to Get.png

  • Hero Tokens are specific to each Hero; Daryl Tokens can only be used on Daryl, Glenn Tokens only on Glenn, etc.
  • Unlocking a Hero does not require a free Survivor Slot, you will get an additional Survivor Slot for free when you unlock the Hero.
  • Each Hero has a “Leader Trait” that is unique to them.
    • Placing a Hero in the first Survivor Slot (the slot on the far left) for a mission allows the Hero Trait to be used by ALL Survivors in the Mission.
    • If the Hero isn’t in the Leader Position, the Hero Trait is INACTIVE for ALL SURVIVORS, including the Hero.
  • If you don’t have the Survivor Class Unlocked for a specific Hero (example: Assault), but get enough tokens to unlock a Hero of that class (example: Abraham/Rosita/Rufus), you will be able to unlock and use that Hero even though you have yet to unlock that Class.
  • Heroes unlock at the same level as your highest Survivor, or the highest level trainable in your Training Ground building. So, if you have a level 15 Survivor, the Hero you unlock should also be level 15, or if you can train level 20 Survivors in your Training Ground, then the Hero will unlock at level 20.
  • To view your Heroes and how many Tokens you need to unlock each Hero, click “Survivors” on the left side of your main/camp screen. From there, click the “Flag” icon to take you to all your Heroes.IMG_5071.PNGIMG_5072.PNG

Hero Drop Rates:

Hero “choices” happen about 10% of all choices in 15x Radio Calls, 8% in 5x Radio Calls and 5% in 1x Radio Calls. The easier it is to unlock a Hero, the more likely you are to get their tokens when you get a Hero option in a regular radio call.

Notes about the images below:

  • The Traits are color coded to show when they unlock:
    • White = Uncommon
    • Green = Rare
    • Blue = Epic
    • Yellow = Legendary


Aaron Hero Card.png

  • Aaron Tokens are currently only available as rewards in The Distance game mode.
  • Additional Aaron Leader Trait Values:
    • Level 4: 16%

Abraham Ford

Abraham Safe.png

  • Abraham is a very useful Hero for people who like to use a lot of Ranged Survivor teams. With Defensive Stance and Iron Skin, Abraham is a great “meat shield” that will help reduce damage on attacks from Walkers so you can potentially earn more Stars in challenges.

Carl Grimes

Carl Safe.png

  • Update 2.9 increased Carl’s Health and Damage, and increased the chances of his Leader Trait activating, so these values are a low. 
    • New Leader Trait Values I’ve found:
      • Level 3: 55%
      • Level 4: 58%
  • Although very hard to obtain, Carl can be useful in high level Challenge missions to help you get the 1-Star you need to pass a map and perhaps complete a Round.

Carol Peletier

Carol Safe.png

  • Update 2.9 increased Carol’s Health and Damage, and increased the chances of her Leader Trait activating, so these values are a low. 
    • New Leader Trait Values I’ve seen:
      • Level 4: 22%
      • Level 5: 25%
  • Carol’s Leader Trait should apply to every class of Survivor, so she can be pretty useful, especially on an all Scout team with Threat Reduction.


Daryl Safe.png

  • Update 2.9 increased Daryl’s Health, and increased the chances of his Leader Trait activating, so these values are a low. 
    • Leader Trait Values I’ve seen:
      • Level 5: 30%/30%
  • Daryl’s retaliate trait is very nice on a Hunter, and he can be quite useful since he can be upgraded to useable levels quicker than most other Heroes.


Dwight Safe.png

  • Dwight will be used a lot in Outpost Defense, especially when people start getting him to Legendary. I will still focus more on Sasha against high level Armored and Tanks since I’d rather have the chance at faster Charged attacks than a little more damage.

EugeneEugene (Safe).png

  • Update 2.9 increased Eugene’s Damage, and increased the chances of his Leader Trait activating, so these values are a low. 
    • Leader Trait Values I’ve seen:
      • Level 3: 13%, 13%
  • Eugene’s Leader Trait has a great added benefit: when facing walkers 5 levels and above your Survivor, Eugene’s ability can turn an attack from Critical to Normal against your Survivor. As a consequence, a Survivor can completely dodge an attack against ANY LEVEL WALKER with the help of Eugene’s Leader Trait.


Ezekiel Safe.png

  • Update 2.9 increased Ezekiel’s Damage, and increased the % of his Leader Trait, so these values are a low.
    • Leader Trait Values I’ve seen:
      • Level 3: 50%
      • Level 4: 60%
  • So, if you have a Survivor without the Retaliate Trait, the % listed for Ezekiel’s leader trait is the % of your Survivor’s base damage they will deal. For Survivors with Retaliate already, this % should stack.

Father Gabriel

Father Gabriel (Safe).png

  • Update 2.9 increased Gabriels’s Damage, and increased the chances of his Leader Trait activating, so these values are a low.
    • These are the Leader Trait Values I’ve seen so far:
      • Level 2: 10% Dodge, 15% Lucky
      • Level 3: 10% Dodge, 16% Lucky
      • Level 4:

Glenn Rhee

Glenn Safe.png


Governor - Hero Card.png

  • The Governor’s is great for farming extra XP and Supplies when playing Scavenge missions…especially if on a gas booster and playing extremely fast.
  • Level 4 Leader Trait: 18%


Jerry Hero Card.png

  • Leader Trait Values:
    • Level 2: 32%, 50%
    • Level 3: 35%, 50%

Jesus (Paul Monroe)

Jesus Safe.png

  • Update 2.9 increased Jesus’s Damage and Health, and increased his Leader Trait (Damage %), so these values are a low.

Maggie Greene

Maggie Safe.png

  • I use Maggie on most of my Raids and Scavenge Missions, and also on early Challenge missions. The extra XP she gets you really adds up over time.


Merle Hero Card.png

  • Leader Trait Values I’ve seen:
    • Level 2: 14%
    • Level 3: 16%


Michonne Safe.png

  • Update 2.9 increased Michonne’s Damage, and increased the chances of her Leader Trait activating, so these values are a low.
    • Leader Trait Values I’ve seen:
      • Level 4: 22%
  • Michonne’s Leader Trait is amazing, so if you like to use Melee teams (especially Scouts), she can be a very useful Hero.


Morgan Safe.png

  • Update 2.9 increased Morgan’s Damage, and increased the chances of his Leader Trait activating, so these values are a low.
    • Leader Trait Values I’ve seen:
      • Level 4: 52%
  • Morgan could make a nice “meat shield” with Defensive Stance, Iron Skin, and the increased Health of a Bruiser.


Negan Safe.png

  • Update 2.9 increased Negan’s Damage, and increased the % of his Leader Trait, so these values are a low.
    • Leader Trait Values I’ve seen:
      • Level 3: 19%, 13%
      • Level 4: 23%, 16%
  • “Low on Health” means when your Survivor is in their “red” health bar. So either after surviving a struggle with a Walker, or when fighting Freemen.

Rick Grimes

Rick Safe.png

  • Update 2.9 increased Ricks’s Damage and Health, and increased the % of his Leader Trait, so these values are a low.
    • Leader Trait Values I’ve seen:
      • Level 4: 36%
      • Level 5: 39%

Rosita Espinosa

Rosita Safe.png

  • Many people use Rosita on certain maps where you don’t attack multiple Walkers. Personally, I use Abraham over her since the increased damage from Rosita on single walkers isn’t that much, plus Abraham gives extra health to your ranged survivors and he is more capable of taking a few attacks from walkers. However, if you are using melee Survivors (Scouts/Bruisers/Warriors), then Rosita becomes much more useful.


Rufus is a “Hero” designed by Chris Hardwick and given away for free the night of Episode 7 of Season 7. He came with a special “grenade” type weapon called The Reckoning. If you didn’t get him for free, he costs 250 Rufus Tokens to unlock.

Rufus Safe.png

  • Update 2.9 increased Rufus’s Damage, his Leader Trait % was increased, so these values are a low.
    • Leader Trait Values I’ve seen….
      • Level 3: 22%
      • Level 4: 24%

Sasha Williams

Sasha Safe.png

  • Sasha is an AMAZING hero for tough Challenge Missions! Since you will be getting many body shots at those levels, Sasha will help you get your Charged Attack quicker. Pair that with Destructive Weapon Trait, and you have a better chance at succeeding in high level Challenge Missions.

Tara Chambler

Tara Safe.png

  • If a Survivor becomes Bruised/Injured, and are healed, they will still show as Bruised/Injured after the mission, and will still go to the Hospital. Also, you will not regain Stars from Challenge Missions.
  • If your Survivor’s Health goes from the “Green Health Bar” to the “Red Health Bar,” the Survivor can’t be healed back into the “Green Health Bar.”

Page Last Updated: 3/8/18

79 thoughts on “Heroes

      1. Yeah, I saw that. He is my favorite character on the show and I was wondering why he is not available as hero. Good to see, they are working on it. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I can’t wait for him either. I’m probably too hopeful he will be given to us on day 12 of the XMAS gifts!! He may not be available until after the second part of season 7 starts, but that’s just a guess on my part.


      3. “If the Hero isn’t in the Leader Position, the Hero Trait is INACTIVE for ALL SURVIVORS, including the Hero.”
        This has been updated in the game – the hero’s leader trait IS applied to the hero when they aren’t leader.


      1. I will try to get the Governor image up on Thursday (got Merle up). It will probably be a bit incomplete as I don’t have all of their Leader Trait values.


  1. How can I tell how many hero token I have for each one? I want to see how close I am to unlocking them, but I can’t find any sort of status screen in the game.


    1. Click “Survivors” on the left side of your screen…then, click on the Flag icon; it’s the first icon with the Survivor Classes. That’s the Hero Icon, and you can see the unlocked Heroes there!


      1. Yes, there you can see unlocked heroes and tokens status. But is there way to see how close i’m to unlock a new heroe? Actually same question as John had earlier.


      2. I’m not sure I understand the question. I added a few pictures to the bottom of the top section (right before Daryl) to show how to see how many Tokens are still needed to unlock a Hero. I hope that answers the question, but if not, we’ll figure it out!!


  2. Thank you, those pictures figured it out. Actually I didn’t understood you previous answer correctly, you was telling the answer there, so my bad 🙂 Now i’m able to see status fine and it will help I future.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It appears so. Nothing has been confirmed, but a person with a modded game showed Carl. The modded game can’t be played online, so don’t worry, people aren’t cheating every fair player in star counts and outposts.


    1. Although nothing has been confirmed, it’s very likely there will be more Heroes. No date on when, or who they will be. The release of update 2.4 (in a few weeks) may let us know who the next couple Heroes may be!!


  3. Hi, thank you for the detailed guide, i just have a quick question, if i unlock a new hero what level is he gonna be? My Player level is currently at 23 and my Radio Tent is Level 8, if let’s say i unlock Jesus is he going to be around level 8ish or 23?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great question. I’m not sure. I think it’s either the level of your highest Warrior (using Jesus as an example), or the highest level you can train with your Training Grounds, or something to do with you Radio Tent level. Let me ask around and see if I can get an exact answer. I’ll let you know as soon as I find out!


    2. It appears it is based on the highest level Survivor of ANY survivor. A player on NG forum reported that his friend had level 15 Survivors and rescued a level 17 from a mission. When they unlocked Abe and Tara, they were both level 17 even though the user could only train survivors up to level 16. (Thanks jimmorrison!!)


      1. Thank you for checking this out. I was thinking that might be how the level works. Now i just need a few more hero tokens to unlock them.


  4. Can a hero’s star level be upgraded? I have several heroes but they are only two and threee stars. I don’t want to waste lots of resources on them if I can get five star heroes.


    1. All Heroes can be upgraded and promoted like all your normal survivors. They take a lot of time (and radios) to promote, but you can promote them up to 10 Stars! Personally, I think Abraham and Sasha are two of the more useful Heroes to try to promote.


    1. Did you get the 250 Free Rufus Tokens to unlock him when he was first made available a couple months ago? I think NG wanted to make sure everyone has him unlocked for the event this week…


  5. Hi, Anyone knows what happens when you upgrade gold/5 stars character (not a hero but regular one) to the next level? There are no more than 5 stars so I wonder what will happen when I get those additional 500 tokens and all of the traits are already upgraded to the next level…


    1. Hey Marty! Once you “Promote” your Survivor past Legendary 5 Stars for 500 Tokens, you get to 6 Star Survivors. These are really valuable and the key to getting further in Challenge Missions. You can check out that info in the “Survivors” section, I have a few write-ups there. Beware, getting a 6 star (and 7/8/9/10) will increase the level of difficulty on your Scavenge Missions by 1 Recommended Survivor Level.


  6. Hi Prof, You do not consider allowing to record what happens at the outpost for further research. Do you know the Hackers Game Log – Tricksters Arts? I find it very useful to be able to make adaptations by exercising the visualization of the defense scenarios as well as the strategies used by the attack.


  7. Please please let the last hero be Shiva as a special hero because she is not a human so she could be a special class a animal class please add Shiva 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


    1. Please please let the last hero be Shiva as a special class hero because she is not a human so she could be a special class a animal class please add Shiva on the walking dead no man land 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


      1. Haha. That would be awesome! Unfortunately (for those that want Shiva), the last Hero is Aaron.


  8. Do the leader traits work when positioned while selecting your heroes for in your Outpost? When another player attacks, will it work if applicable?


      1. Excellent, thank you! I have another question I’ll post separately. Hope to receive your help again!


  9. If the ‘Lucky’ trait appears on any of 3 things (character, weapon, armor) does it only affect the other traits what it appears on or does it increase chances of other traits triggering across all 3 things? Also, if the other traits aren’t triggered by chance & have permanent effects like increased damage or a wider attack range, if it only had those traits on it, then Lucky is a waste of a trait to have on it too, right? It wouldn’t affect any other traits or does it increase other traits somehow still?


    1. Lucky on anything helps traits everywhere! So if you have lucky on weapon (but not survivor, as an example), it will still help survivor/armor traits like dodge, sure shot, etc.


    2. And many traits aren’t helped by lucky, so it could be considered wasted. But since I always use dodge (on survivors, armor if possible), piercing on guns, and stun resistance in challenges against fatty walkers, it’s almost always useful for me. I don’t have it on a lot of my weapons since there are a lot of useful weapon traits, but all my best survivors have lucky.


      1. Perfect, thank you! I’ll pass info along to my Guild members also. Does Lucky stack with another Lucky?


      2. I apologize, I completely forgot this is a very thorough guide and that there was a menu to scroll for other information. I’m reading about the lucky trait now under the trait tab hahaha Thank you for having an awesome guide!


  10. I’m guessing the last hero might be Beth. She’s the only other hero bundle I’ve seen available in the buy /gold section.


    1. The last Hero (for now) is definitely Aaron. If you go to the “Credits” section (hit “gear” icon in the upper right part of your screen), you can see they have credited the actor that plays Aaron. I wouldn’t mind seeing some old characters from the show, though!


  11. I think they should put the gun that darly was using as a bundle from the last session of the walking dead


  12. Note also when the reckoning came out with rufus it did not produce body shots it was a highly sought after weapon. Then they sold a legendary version then 24hrs later “fixed” it and it produced body shots. Figured I’d give readers a history on NML also.


  13. Are heroes better than the other green and blue rated survivors. So if I was going to upgrade them which ones should I do the heroes or the people I find from radio calls and stuffs


    1. Most Heroes have more damage and health rating than regular survivors of the same class and “prestige.” So, a green Rare hero may have as much health/damage as a blue/yellow regular survivor, depending on the Hero. But a regular survivor with Pink Stars is usually better than most Heroes, so upgrade your best and most used Survivors first!


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  15. Hi guys!
    Is somebody tried the new distance missions? I have a lot level 20 characters with 23 lvl gears and I fail at mission 8. Nobody think that it’s to difficult?? And what about 9-21 missions?! :)) Is anybody finished mission 8, and what is tactic? Thanks 4 help!


  16. Loving the game been playing for some time now and it’s my favourite mobile game.

    I think the game requires too much grinding at times. Obviously players want to unlock their favourite characters from the TV show, I think there should be more opportunity to get these and I think the amount of cards required for each hero is too high. The same goes for the radios required to get the chance of getting a decent character.

    I think you should be able to personalise the clothes that your character wears, not just with the hero outfits that are available (which again I think is ridiculous how much gold is required to unlock them) earning clothes in the game would be cool then you could apply them to your characters. Also like to see more heroes added from older seasons.

    I hope some changes can be made in future to make the game even better than it is.

    Good work though and thanks for the great game 🙂


  17. I have a question I was hoping you could answer- I am level 12 and on the 5 quest on road map. I used a phone call and won Glenn, but it didnt let me keep him, itonly gave me tokens. Why couldnt I keep him when I already have darrel and negan?


    1. You have to collect enough number of hero tokens to unlock him or her… so you didn’t get him but you got some tokens for that hero, when you collect enough tokens you will get notifikation about unlocking him.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. Merle level 4 Jackass leader bonus now 34% and applies to melee also… Nice. Vs 43% single target @ lvl4 for Rosita. I use Merle more now..


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