Looking for a Guild?


The “Eh” Family is a huge family of Guilds; one for every level of dedicated player! There are now 16 guilds and over 300 members from all around the World!! The goal is to enable every member to get the most out of their play and have a great time!

English Speaking Guilds

  • Legacy Eh – Elite, Top 5 Global
  • Vault112 Eh – Elite, Top 50 Global
  • Maple Leaf Eh – Competitive, Top 50 Global
  • United Eh – Competitive, Top 50 U.S.
  • Xtreme Eh – Competitive, Top 10 Canada 
  • Legion Vault Eh – Competitive
  • Emerging Eh – Competitive training guild
  • Rising Eh – Competitive training guild
  • Canucks Eh – Competitive, Top 30 Canada
  • True North Eh – New players and beginners
  • Titan Vault Eh – Relaxed
  • Raiders Eh – Relaxed for players focusing on Raiding, and vacation spot

French Speaking Guilds

  • QC Slayers Eh – Competitive French Speaking Guild, Top 10 Canada
  • QC-FR Survie Eh – Competitive French Speaking Guild, Top 20 Canada
  • Patriotes Eh – Semi-competitive French guild
  • Alliance Eh – Semi-relaxed bilingual (French and English) guild

The Slack chat app is used to share information, strategies, and (most importantly) great times!!

If you are interested in joining one of the Eh Family of guilds, or having your current guild join forces, send an email to: Ehs.nml@gmail.com or use the contact form below.