Outpost Basics

Outpost Basics and Setup

  • There are two “Resources” involved with Outposts:
    1. Trade Goods (TGs) – You can win these from Raids and Cycle rewards, and spend them in the Trade Good Store.
      • The amount of Trade Goods available in a raid are determined by your Player Level, and the “Walker Strength” of the person you are raiding.
    2. Influence – Influence isn’t a spendable Resource.
      • Influence is won and lost during Raids.
        • You win Influence by killing the Defenders when you Raid someone.
        • You win Influence when your Defenders kill all the attackers when someone raids you.
        • You lose Influence when your Defenders are killed when someone Raids you.
        • You lose Influence when you get all your Attackers killed when you Raid someone.
      • Influence determines your Ranking on the Leaderboard.
      • Influence determines your Cycle Reward.
  • The two buildings related to Outposts are:
    • Outpost: This building generates Trade Goods and also determines what maps you are able to use as your Outpost Defense.
    • Walker Pit: This is where you spend Trade Goods to capture and upgrade Walkers to help defend your Outpost.

  • When a Raid occurs, there are 3 objectives:
    1. Capture the Flag
      • Capturing the Flag must be done first, and allows you to proceed to the next 2 objectives.
        • If you don’t Capture the Flag when attacking, you will lose Influence Points.
    2. Grab the Trade Goods Crate
      • For most players, this is the most important objective, and all that really matters.
        • If you are Attacking, Grabbing the Trade Goods Crate gives you Trade Goods as a reward. After Grabbing the Trade Goods Crate, you can “Complete” the Raid and KEEP THE TRADE GOODS & NOT LOSE ANY INFLUENCE.
        • If you are Defending, and an attacker grabs your Trade Goods, YOU LOSE NOTHING! You don’t lose any of your Trade Goods, and you don’t lose any Influence. This is very important to know.
    3. Kill the Human Defenders
      • Killing the Defenders is the only way to get Influence from a Raid.
      • Having your Defenders killed is the only way to lose Influence when you Raid someone.

  • To participate in Outposts, you need to build your Outpost Building and Walker Pit, and then proceed to “set up” the Outpost. If you don’t “set up” the Outpost, you can’t be raided by other opponents, and you can’t raid other opponents. After you build these buildings you should see this screen:

Outpost Start #1.png

Outpost Start #2.png

At this point, you still can’t be raided (or raided, I think). If you go to the Outpost section in your Mission Hub, you will be taken to this screen which will allow you to Raid and be Raided.

Outpost Start #3.png

This will begin the setting up of your Outpost. You will first be asked to choose a Location for your Outpost.

Outpost Start #4.png

You will probably only have two Outpost Maps available to use on Defense. Upgrading your Outpost Building will unlock the ability to use more maps, and thus put more Armored and Tank Walkers in your Defensive setup.

Outpost Start #5.png

Outpost Start #6.png

Once you pick your Defensive Map, you will then be taken to your Outpost Editor. This allows you to change where your Defenders and Walkers are located.

Outpost Start #7.png

You aren’t allowed to customize your Outpost until you reach Level 3 Outpost Building, so you should hit “Place all defenders” to have the game set up your Defense for you.

Outpost Start #8.png

Outpost Start #9.png

Once you’ve done that, you can hit “Complete”, and you are ready to Raid and be Raided!!

Outpost Menu

On your Mission Menu, tap on Outpost.

Outpost 01.PNG

This will take you to the Outpost Menu…

Outpost 02 - Hub Marked.PNG

  • Here is what you can do from the Outpost Menu:
    1. Raid an Opponent
    2. See your Influence Rating
    3. See what Influence Tier you are in, and when the current Cycle ends.
    4. View and change your Defenders guarding your Outpost
    5. Change the Location of your Outpost
    6. Change the Layout of your Outpost, and change the positioning of your Survivors and special Walkers.
    7. Check your Outpost Attack Logs
    8. View your Walker Strength
    9. See the Leaderboards
    10. View the Cycle Information

There is something else you may see on your Outpost Menu…

Outpost - Shield.PNG

If you’ve been attacked AND LOST INFLUENCE, the Shield will protect you from being Raided again for 8 hours. If you Raid another player, your Shield will be deactivated, and you can be attacked again. You can only be attacked when you are offline; when you are online playing the game in any mode, you can not be Raided (in theory). If you try to Raid while under the Shield, you will get this screen:

Outpost - Shield 02.PNG


A Cycle is a two week period in Outposts. For each Cycle, the “Top Players” section will show who has the most Influence for that Cycle. At the end of the Cycle, players earn Trade Goods based upon their Influence Rating. At higher levels of Influence, your Influence may reset to a specified value, but only above the Gold Tiers. Here are the Influence Tiers, reset values, and Trade Good Rewards.

Outpost Cycle 01.PNGOutpost Cycle 02.PNGOutpost Cycle 03.PNG