Outposts – Raiding Tips

When you tap “Raid” from the Outpost Menu, you will be taken to the Matchup Screen. Every time you hit “Raid,” it costs 10 Trade Goods to find an Opponent to Raid. The game attempts to match you up against players close to your Influence Rating, and close to your Player Level.

Outpost - Matchup Screen.PNG

  • Here’s the information on the Matchup Screen:
    1. The Opponent
    2. The Type and Prestige Level of the Human Defenders in the Outpost
    3. The # of Trade Goods and Influence Points you can potentially win
      • The Influence points are only won if you kill all the Defenders.
      • The Influence points are only lost if you get all your Attackers killed (or happen to “time-out” and fail to complete the Raid within 8 minutes).
      • The # of Trade Goods available is based on your Player Level, and the “Walker Strength” of your opponent.
    4. Hitting the “x” will back you out of your matchup. It will cost another 10 Trade Goods to find a new opponent.

Choosing your Survivors

  • I always take a Scout, and at least one Assault on every Raid. I use Maggie for the XP Bonus from her Leader Trait, but you could substitute her for whatever Survivor fits your play style (I would choose a Hunter or a second Assault).
    • The Scout is CRUCIAL. This will allow you to grab the Trade Goods Crate on one move (on most maps).
    • The Assault is also very important to me. Using a charged Assault attack to stun enemies is often part of my strategy.

Outpost - Morgan's Staff.PNG

After you hit “Start Mission,” you will see the Human Defenders you will face on the loading screen. You can see their levels, and if they’re using any special Weapons. In the picture above, Survivor “MDS” has Morgan’s Staff equipped. This Weapon is tough to deal with as it can attack multiple of your Attackers at once, so be careful if you see this!

Goal 1: Capture the Flag

This step is very straight-forward. Kill all the Walkers (trying to charge up all your Survivors in the process), then Capture the Flag.

Goal 2: Grab the Trade Goods Crate

This is my main goal for doing Raids. Trade Goods are vital to getting the best Equipment and as many Radios, Class Tokens, and Hero Tokens as possible.

Since Scouts can move further than all other Survivor Classes, they play a vital role in Grabbing the Trade Goods Crate.

On most maps, you can grab the Trade Goods Crate on the same move you open the gate. At the bottom of this page, you can see where to position your Scout to grab the Trade Goods Crate on the first move. Here’s how you do this.

  1. Line up your Scout in the proper position. DO NOT OPEN THE GATE WITH YOUR SCOUT OR ASSAULT! You can see how I line up my Scout on every map scenario I have encountered HERE.
  2. Open the gate with your least valuable Survivor for attacking. For my situation, Maggie is always my gate opener.Outpost - Grab TGs 01.PNG
  3. Run to the Trade Goods Crate with your Scout. If you can’t get to the Trade Goods Crate in the first move, skip to Step 4, or fight it out with the Defenders.Outpost - Grab TGs 02.PNG
  4. “Complete” the Raid. Outpost - Grab TGs 03.PNGOutpost - Grab TGs 04.PNG
  5. That’s it! You’ve just got your hands on some easy Trade Goods, and your Survivors avoided any Hospital time!!

Goal 3: Kill the Defenders

  • I am not interested in completing this goal unless I can’t grab the Trade Goods Crate on the first move.
  • If you are interested in climbing the Influence Leaderboards, then by all means, try to kill the enemy Raiders. I will not provide any tips on how to do this since I view this as counter-productive since the Cycle rewards mean very little, and only results in your Survivors spending time in the Hospital. I do understand that many people are competitive, but this is not the place for those strategies.