Radio Calls

Radios could be considered the most premium currency in the game. Radios are used to call out for new Survivors and Hero Tokens.

Please note that changes were made to Survivor Levels a few updates back. You are now able to level Survivors up forever, based on your Council Level. I will updating this page soon to reflect these changes, so keep that in mind if you are reading this.

How do I get radios?

Free Radios are available by these methods:

  • Wall Walkers: Clearing a Wall Walker can give you 1 Radio. You should get Radios from Wall Walkers about 2-3% of the time.
  • Crate Rewards: You can get Radios as rewards from Reward Crates after missions.
    • Bronze crates with a Radio reward will give 1 Radio
    • Silver Crates give 2 Radios
    • Gold Crates give 4 Radios
    • My drop rates from Crate Rewards have given me Radios 5% of the time.
  • Trade Good Store: You can get Radios in Gold & Silver Trade Good Crates, as well as from options that allow you to buy just Radios.
  • Achievements: You can earn free Radios by completing specific Achievements in your Achievement/Quest Tab. Most of these Radios come from upgrading your Council building.
  • Guild/Challenge Rewards – Some shared Team Guild Rewards give Radios.

Radios can also be purchased via these methods:

  • Bundles: Bundles can be purchased from the store for real life $. There are many types of available bundles, and many of them include Radios. There are also specific “Radio Bundles” that come with Radios and Gold, and often include extra Radios during special promotions (especially during Increased Epic/Legendary Survivor Weekend Events.)
  • Gold: If you are short of the necessary Radios required to make a Radio Call, you can purchase the needed Radios for a cost of 50 Gold per Radio.

Radio Calls

Radio Calls are the best way to get great Survivors and Hero Tokens. You make Radio Calls through your Radio Tent. To make a Radio Call, you need Radios (Phones). You can see how many Radios you have in the upper left part of your Home Screen.

Home - Radios.PNG

To make a Radio Call, you can either click on “Radio” button, or tap on your Radio Tent building. You will be taken to this screen:

Radio Calls.PNG

  • Once you upgrade your Radio Tent to level 2, you will always have 3 call options.
  • Within each Radio Call type, you will get either a Survivor or Hero Token choice.
  • If you get a Survivor, you can either accept the Survivor to your squad, or you can reject the Survivor and get Class Tokens instead.

Let’s look at the different types of Radio Calls.

“Bronze” Radio Call (costs 1 Radio per call)

Radio Calls - Bronze 01.PNG

  • With the “Bronze” Radio call, you will get one random option (either a Survivor or Hero Tokens).
  • You can get any Prestige Level of Survivor, but Common is the most likely.
  • You can get 10, 8, 32, 128 or 256 Hero Tokens, but 2 Hero Tokens is the most likely.
  • You have about a 5% chance of getting Hero Tokens from these calls.

Radio Calls - Bronze 02.PNG

As you can see, you have the choice to “Accept” the Survivor, if you have Survivor Slots available, which I don’t. You can see on the left that I have all of my 33 Survivor Slots occupied.

If you get Hero Tokens, you will see this:

Radio Calls - Bronze 03.PNG

As you can see, the game will tell you how many Hero Tokens are needed for the next Trait Upgrade or the cost to Promote the Hero to the next Prestige Level.

“Silver” Radio Call (costs 5 Radios per call)

Radio Calls - Silver 01.PNG

  • With the “Silver” Radio call, you will get two random options (either Survivor or Hero Tokens).
  • You can get Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary, but Common is the most likely.
  • You can get 10, 32, 128 or 256 Hero Tokens, but 8 Hero Tokens is the most likely.
  • You have about an 8% chance of getting a Hero Token option for each choice.

Radio Calls - Silver 02.PNG

“Gold” Radio Call (costs 15 Radios per call)

Radio Calls - Golden 01.PNG

  • With the “Gold” Radio Call, you will get 3 choices of Survivors or Hero Tokens to choose from.
  • Your Survivor Choices will always be Rare, Epic or Legendary, with Rare Survivors the most likely.
  • Your Hero Token Choices will always be 32, 128 or 256 Hero Tokens, with 32 Hero Tokens the most likely.
  • You have about a 10% chance to get Hero Tokens for each choice.
  • This is the best call choice if you are looking for regular Survivors (or Class Tokens) and a balance of different Hero Tokens.

Radio Calls - Gold 02.PNGRadio Calls - Gold 03.PNG

Special “Hero” Calls

Radio Calls - Hero Call.PNG

The special “Hero” calls are offered quite frequently, and only offer increased odds for one Hero (Maggie is pictured above, but every other Hero has had a “Hero” call). Currently, they are basically a “Silver” Radio Call that costs 10 Radios. You get two options to pick from. The “Hero” Call does not guarantee Hero Tokens; it only offers increased Hero odds for the specified Hero. We have found that the specific Hero is found about 18% of the time, with 10 Hero Tokens being the most common. These calls offer the best option to get Hero Tokens for the specific Hero in the call. However, these calls do very little to help your regular Survivors.

Free Radio Calls

You also get one free “Bronze” Radio call every 20 hours. You will see a timer on your Radio Tent building that tells you how long until your free call. When you have a free call available, you will see it in two places.

Radio Calls - Free 02.PNG

Tap on either of those places, and you will be taken to your free radio call option.

Radio Calls - Free 02.PNG

Hero Drop Rates:

Here are the approximate percentages that the community has found the following Heroes in Radio Calls (and from Challenge Token Crates). These can change any time, and especially after a new Hero is introduced

  • Glenn: 15%
  • Jesus/Rosita/Tara: 12%
  • Abraham/Daryl/Maggie/Morgan/Sasha: 6-7%
  • Carol/Negan/Rick/Rufus: 3-4%
  • Carl/Michonne: 1-2%