Teeming Graveyard

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Here is some information (and a few tips and strategies) for the Teeming Graveyard Challenge. Use this information, try some of these strategies if you want, or develop your own and see what works best. Using your best Survivors will usually give you the best chance at earning more stars, so work with what you have!!

  • Some other info…
    • Here’s an overview of some of my general Challenge and Guild Tips that discuss and show some of the strategies that may be mentioned here.
    • If you are looking for a guild, head over HERE.
  • Some tips about this specific challenge…
    • Because Freemen are often unpredictable, this will be one of the more difficult Challenges to score highly on for most people (without the assistance of Bruiser’s starting fully charged).
    • Unless you have a lot of gold to spend, take your two stars and move on…it’s not usually worth retrying for 3 stars when the Freemen aren’t predictable.
    • Let the Walkers battle the Freemen as often as possible…
    • Setting Freemen/Walkers on fire can be of some assistance
    • Revenge can sometimes hurt you in these maps; when a Walker attacks a Freemen, your Revenge Survivor(s) will attack the Walkers if possible.
    • Bullet Dodge could be useful on these maps, but know that you can’t completely dodge a critical attack for no damage; instead, the attack is turned from a Critical into a Normal Attack.
      • Bullet Proof and Hazard Suit Armor Traits can help you completely dodge a would be Critical Attack; they can create Body Shots against your Survivors that can then be completely dodged. Eugene’s Leader Trait can also do the same thing.

Challenge Notes:

  • Please check any spawn blocks that you use on the easier missions to make sure NG hasn’t made them useless!
  • BEWARE!!! When you get to the 2nd or 3rd repeating round in a level of difficulty, you may see an extra Tank/Armored Walker on the map, and you may get Tanks/Armored Walkers in spawn waves starting at level 30/31.
  • If there is a video of the map, please take note of the Survivor Levels/Gear/Pink Stars/Badges and if there were any Class Bonus’ used during the video as that will impact how easily a map can be beaten. Use most videos as guides and examples…not as exact walkthroughs..

Info Card Notes:

  • Please see the bottom of this page for an explanation of the Info Cards used for each map; I hope they are useful.

Preventive Measures (Card).png

  • You must kill all the Freemen on this map and then get to the exit.
  • There is a Freemen trying to open a gate: if they open the gate, 4 more Freemen will come out and you must kill them before the exit becomes available.
    • If the Freeman opens the gate, be careful: he can open the gate and attack you in the same turn (but the other 4 Freemen won’t attack until the next turn). In tough levels, if the Freeman opens the gate, you may want to hang back by the starting point and just try to fight off the closer spawning Walkers while the ones further way attack the Freemen…then you could soften them up with a Shooter with High Powered.
    • If you kill the Freeman before they open the gate, you can open the gate yourself and farm a few extra kills.
  • There are often Freemen hiding around space I2 and K6 (K6 is usually another Bruiser).
  • When the Threat Counter gets lower in moves, it’s possible to let the Spawn Wave attack the gate opener. Stick towards the lower part of the map to provide a safe distance between your Survivors and the Spawn Wave.
  • Shooters with Gold (even Silver) High Powered can really be helpful.
  • So far, I’ve only encountered the following combination of Freemen:
    • Assault/Hunter/Shooter/Bruiser x2

The Forgotten Cache (Card).png

  • If you can’t see one of the Freemen when the map starts, there’s a good chance they are in space J1.
  • I usually focus on the Freemen that can attack multiple of my Survivors (Assaults/Hunters first…I’ll leave Warriors for last if they are on the other side of the map).
  • It seems the configuration of Freemen on this map is:
    • Assault, Hunter, Shooter, Warrior

Helping Hand (Card).png

  • Here you must protect the Human teammate that is opening the box.
  • Moving to the right most part of the exit (L7) can give a decent sight line from cover to attack Freemen on the right side of the map (not sure how useful that is, though).
  • If you place your Survivors near the Human, the Hunter/Assault/Warrior will often attack multiple targets, so it may be wise to try to deal with them first as you can use your Survivors as meat shields against other class types.
  • Shooters with High Powered can soften up the Freemen from a safer distance…


  • Assault x2, Hunter, Scout, Shooter
  • Assault x2, Hunter, Scout, Shooter
  • Assault x2, Hunter, Shooter, Warrior
  • Assault, Hunter, Scout, Shooter, Warrior
  • Assault, Hunter, Scout, Shooter, Warrior
  • Assault, Hunter, Scout, Shooter, Warrior
  • Assault, Hunter, Scout, Shooter, Warrior

Dead Stroll (Card).png

  • Be careful, there are often “hidden” Freemen in the shadows (especially towards the exit).
  • I like Shooters with High Powered on this map…(especially if you can get one charged up on the initial Walkers).
  • If you can deal with the Freemen that are closer to the starting point of the map, then move to the spawn block position (E7/F7). If there are Freemen by the exit, the Spawning Walkers can help soften up the Freemen and/or distract them.
  • So far, I’ve encountered the same configuration of Freemen:
    • Assault, Hunter, Scout, Shooter

Behind Bags (Card).png

(sorry, I totally forgot to check the spawn blocks above and below the bags)

  • Ranged Survivors are probably the way to go here; you can’t wait back for too long and let the Walkers attack the Freemen since none of the spawns will help (unless there are no Shooters/Hunters to attack you, then you could try to charge up on the spawn wave, but you will probably be shot if you approach with Assaults).
  • Shooters with High Powered can shoot the Assault and Shooter Freemen from the starting point without being attacked.
  • You need to move forward and take care of the Freemen and not get attacked from behind by spawning Walkers.
  • There are usually two Freemen back by the exit which you can try to lure out if you aren’t already charged.


  • Assault x2, Hunter, Scout, Warrior
  • Assault, Bruiser, Hunter x2, Warrior
  • Bruiser, Hunter, Scout x2, Shooter
  • Assault, Bruiser, Hunter x2, Warrior
  • Assault, Bruiser, Hunter x2, Warrior
  • Bruiser, Hunter, Scout x2, Shooter,

Deadly Boneyard (Card).png

  • You can’t always see all the Freemen when the map starts, so you may want to move a space or two to get a better line of sight. Or just stand still and hope the Walkers do some quality damage to the Freemen.
  • Be aware that you can only open the middle crate from one location (F4), but can open the other two crates from 5 different spaces.
  • So far, I’ve got the same combination of Freemen:
    • Assault, Hunter, Shooter, Warrior

Info Card Notes:

  • The main image on each card is the “Map Grid” and shows each grid/space that you can occupy.
  • Here’s an explanation of the key:
    • Almost every marked space can be occupied by your Survivors. Unmarked spaces, along with Black marked spaces, denote a space that can’t be occupied by a Survivor. Rarely, a Red/Purple space may not be able to be occupied.
    • White spaces are just regular spaces.
    • The following colors have to do with Spawns:
      • Red spaces are where walkers from Spawn Waves may appear.
      • Purple spaces are where walkers may spawn at time other than during a Spawn Wave. Purple spaces may also be red spaces.
      • Green spaces are where you can completely block spawning walkers with your Survivors. These are most effective when each space is occupied in each cluster. Many spawn locations can’t be completely blocked; these spawn locations will be in Red, even if you can perform an “incomplete” Spawn Block.
    • The following colors have to do with objects and the opening of those objects:
      • Blue spaces are “objects”: Crates/Boxes/Fences/Gates
      • Orange spaces are primary spaces you can open the Blue objects from.
      • Yellow spaces are spaces that you can open a Blue object from ONLY IF a primary space is occupied.
    • A couple of other notes…
      • Making one larger image from smaller images sometimes creates a bit of warping…I do my best to keep the grids lined up pretty well, but sorry if some are tough to read. Sometimes the grid marks and visual objects don’t quite line up in the images (especially the middle), so inspect them careful if you are trying to utilize them the best!
      • When images get warped, I try to add a Black “x” over a spot that you can’t occupy, but doesn’t quite line up with the image.
      • There may also be two colored “X”s on one space if needed.
  • Centered below the Map Grid is the “Basic Grid.” This is a much simpler version of the main image, and has Column (#s) and Row (letter) labels. Here’s the explanation of the colors.
    • Black: a space that can’t be occupied by our Survivors
    • Grey: a space that can be occupied by our Survivors
    • Green: an “object” like a crate or box to be opened
    • Orange: a space that an object can be opened from
    • Blue: an exit space

This page was last updated on: 4/8/2018