THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED, but will not be deleted. The new guide will be found HERE.

Terminus - Overview.jpg

Here is some information (and a few tips and strategies) for the Terminus Challenge. As always, different people will have different strategies. So, use this information, try some of these strategies if you want, or develop your own and see what works best. Using your best Survivors will usually give you the best chance at earning more stars, so work with what you have!!

Here’s an overview of some of my general Challenge and Guild Tips that discuss and show some of the strategies mentioned here that can help you get more stars. You will also see some of the Heroes I find useful on that page (spoiler alert: Sasha rocks!).

Please take note on videos that rely on Weekly Event Class Damage Bonuses (especially Hunter and Assaults) as those are only useful during those events, and are often misleading as to how to best beat a map. Thanks to everyone from the community and the Eh family for their contributions!

Please note that when you start getting to the repeat levels of difficulties, you can get an extra Tank or Armored Walker in the map. NG likes to make things more difficult! And always make sure on the easy levels that the Spawn Blocks still work…NG can always change things on us.

Shine a Light

Shine a Light - Overview.PNG

Overview: Make your way to the exit while dealing with the Normal, Tank and Armored Walkers.

Potential Strategies: On this map you can utilize your best Ranged Survivors (overwatch works well to keep spawn waves low), or Melee and Scouts with Threat Reduction. Remember, you don’t need to kill all the Walkers, just reach the exit. When this map gets tough, keep an eye on the Tank Walker at the end of the map. If that Tank is on the top of the map, I will work down the bottom of the map so I can possibly avoid the Tank if possible (or I work along the top of the map if the Tank is on the bottom).

Spawn Locations: Walkers will spawn at the very top and very bottom of the map, along with on the left wall near where your Survivors start. Group your Survivors together when a Spawn Wave is about to happen so you can deal with Spawns much easier. Having a Hunter at the very top/bottom will give a Hunter the ability to shoot multiple Walkers.

Shine a Light - Spawn Locations 01.PNG

There are 3 potential spawn locations on the left part of the map, so you need all 3 survivors to block the spawn (seen below).

Shine a Light - Spawn Locations 02.PNG

Spawn Blocks:

Shine a Light - Spawn Block 01.PNG

Shine a Light - Spawn Block 02.PNG

Shine a Light - Spawn Block 03.PNG

Shine a Light - Spawn Block 04.PNG

Shine a Light - Spawn Block 05.PNG

The Laundry

The Laundry - Overview.PNG

Overview: Open the crates and get to the exit while dealing with a few Normal Walkers and some Armored and Tank Walkers.

Potential Strategies: When this map gets tough, you want to finish as quickly as possible, otherwise you will be dealing with very tough Walkers on your left and right side. You could potentially stick around the beginning of the map to wait for the spawn wave to try to charge up an Assault, or you could start to move quickly to the exit and sacrifice your Survivors to the Tanks/Armored Walkers using Wrestler. If you are going to use the “sacrifice” method, Scouts and other melee may be a better option to keep the spawn waves down.

Spawn Locations:

The Laundry - Spawns.PNG

Spawn Blocks: If you get stuck at the beginning of the map, try to get to the top or the bottom of the map so you can have a clear line of sight on all the spawning walkers.

Dead’s End

Dead's End - Overview.PNG

Overview: Kill all the Walkers.

Potential Strategies: With no spawns, use your best Survivors (ranged for me) and try to move to one side of the map (I always go right) so you can’t be swarmed on all sides. Often I will use two assaults on this map, and place them in the 2nd and 3rd survivor spots so I can move to the right side of the map and deal with normal Walkers more easily. When this map gets very difficult and Wrestler becomes one of the only options, try to shoot the Armored and Normal Walkers instead of the Tanks so you don’t waste shots on a Tank that you probably won’t kill with bullets and will eventually need to kill with Wrestler.


  • Video from Terminates. Her level 27 is a normal maxed player’s level 24-25!

Safe Haven

Safe Haven - Overview.PNG

Overview: Close the two doors while dealing with the constantly emerging walkers.

Potential Strategies: The best strategy appears to be to close the container on the top left first. After you close the first container, two Armored and a couple Normal Walkers will spawn. Closing the top left container first will provide a safe distance to start killing those Walkers on your first turn.

Safe Haven - Spawn.PNG

  • Only two of the Armored pictured above are from the spawn after closing the first container, the top left Armored Walker is from the start of the map.

A charged Assault can often stun both of the Armored Walkers on the second turn after the spawn. Melee, especially Scouts, can be used on this map, and Power Strike can help them deal with the Walkers emerging from the Containers.

Even if you are forced to go towards the right container because of a close Tank/Armored walker spawn to start the map, I would still work back to the top left container and close it first.

Spawn Block: You can prevent the Armored Walker from spawning at the bottom of the map!


Only Way Out

Only Way Out - Overview.PNG

Overview: Open the gate while dealing with many Walkers.

Potential Strategies: I’m a big Assault fan, and this map is great for Assaults (and Hunters as well). You will need to hold off many walkers on this map, so attacking as many Walkers as possible on each turn is vital. I also use a Scout to start opening the fence as soon as possible, but when the map gets tough, a Bruiser or Assault may be a better option for more health. On difficult levels, try to position your two protecting Survivors on the bottom part of the map as this can help funnel Walkers towards the bottom so you don’t have to fight off walkers from the top and bottom part of the map. Terminates uses this strategy perfectly!

Spawn Blocks: Trying to block spawns will put you in the middle of a herd of Walkers, so don’t try it!


  • Video from Terminates

Last Box Before the Highway

Last Box - Overview.PNG

Overview: Open the box, then the fence, then get to the exit.

Potential Strategies: Since you will be dealing with constantly spawning Walkers from the pile, Assaults and Hunters are very useful. While one Survivor is opening the first box, you can use Assaults/Hunters to kill the Walkers spawning from the pile. Walkers will only spawn from the pile while you are opening the box and fence. If you can’t kill all the emerging walkers with only two survivors, you can wait to start opening the box until after the first spawn wave to help build up your charge attacks. Once you’ve opened the box and start opening the fence, move your Survivors back to the fence, and fire away on the Walkers. A Hunter can be useful to line up the spawning walkers, but so is a charged up Assault! It takes 5 moves to get both the box and fence open with the same Survivor, so use your best Survivors that can hold of the constantly emerging Walkers and one spawn wave. Using Sasha or Abraham as your opener is not a bad idea.

Spawn Locations:

Last Box - Spawns.PNG

Spawn Blocks: While spawn blocking isn’t really an option on this map, lining up a Hunter to take out the spawns is a great strategy!


  • Video from Terminates.