Shine a Light

  • This map is straightforward; you need to make it to the exit while killing the Walkers in your way. I usually stick to the bottom of the map. The picture below shows where the Walkers spawn. Sticking to the bottom of the map will allow you to keep your distance from spawning Walkers. Shine a Light 02.PNG


The Laundry

  • This a tougher map; there are a few Tank and Armored Walkers that can be tough to deal with as your line of site is obstructed to begin the map. You will want to get out from behind the wall as soon as you can, as the Walkers will Spawn from where you start the mission.IMG_4814.PNG


Safe Haven

  • This map is also tougher. You need to close off two containers and one fence. Closing off each item stops the flow of Walkers from that item. You want to protect the Survivor closing off the item with your two other Survivors. IMG_4563.PNG


Deads End

  • This Map features 11 Walkers (Normal, Tanks, & Armored) that you must kill. My personal strategy is to move to the right of the map, and kill the Walkers from there.IMG_4847.PNG


Only Way Out

  • This map is a very farmable for XP (for the time being). You need to open the fence (6 turns) while protecting the fence opener. IMG_4570.PNG


Last Box Before the Highway

  • This map requires you to open a crate and a fence before getting to the exit. Walkers will spawn from the pile every turn, and your “Attracted Walkers” will spawn at the bottom of the screen. You can beat this level without killing any walkers for the achievement at very early levels. IMG_4970.PNG





Old Names:

The Laundry, Terminal Gate, The Cannibals, Containing the Dead, Long Road to Terminus, Never Trust