The Distance

Distance Versions:

(Look near the bottom of this page to find out what version of the Distance we are on based on the mission order and objectives)

The Distance is a new game mode introduced in update 2.7. Here are some of the basics:

  • The Distance runs like an event: it will last 24 hours and initially run on Tuesdays and Saturdays starting at 12:00 UTC. Each time the Distance Runs, your progress will be reset.
  • There are 21 total missions in the Distance: 
    • You will not get post-mission crates like normal missions. Instead, you will get the rewards shown prior to the mission.
  • You can use every Survivor on your roster. 
    • Once a Survivor dies in the Distance, they can no longer be used. Once all of your Survivors die, your event is over until the next event. You will be able to reset the Distance for 400 gold to try to play again and earn more rewards. You can only replay the Distance once.
    • Similar to Outpost Raids, if one or two of your Survivors die in mission, you can still complete a mission and advance as long as you have one Survivor left standing.
    • If all 3 of your Survivors die in a mission, you will get to retry the mission with new Survivors from the where your previous Survivors died. So, if the mission goal is “Kill 10 Walkers”, and your previous Survivors killed 5 of those Walkers, your next 3 Survivors will only have to kill the remaining 5 Walkers. However, if your Survivors only damage a Walker, that Walker will start the map with full health the next time.
    • Damage taken by your Survivors will carry over from the previous maps (you can restore 10% of their health for 40 gold each time, and you CAN restore them from full red health bar to a small amount of green health).

Concepts to Understand

  • You will be losing survivors in this game mode. The key is minimizing your lost Survivors while killing as many of the Walkers as possible. Sounds easy enough, but it does require some planning.
    • It is almost always better to sacrifice one of your Survivors to save the other two.
      • When the maps get more difficult, it may be wise to pair two stronger Survivors with a Survivor you are willing to sacrifice. You will especially want to pair Sasha with one of your strong survivors to build up their charge points before fleeing.
  • BEFORE YOU FLEE A MAP, USE TWO OF YOUR SURVIVORS ACTION POINTS. Use these two moves for the following purposes:
    1. Recharging Sasha and your other Survivors
    2. Opening Fences/Gates
    3. Killing Enemies
  • You need to do your best to make progress on each map before losing a Survivor. Making progress includes:
    • Killing Walkers that start on the map. You must kill the Walker, as their health is restored when you retry the mission and haven’t killed them. When possible, always kill a Walker that started on the map over one that came from a spawn.
    • Opening Fences/Gates – Always try to open the fence/gate on your last move before fleeing if possible. This means one less move on the next turn!
    • On most tough maps, you need to deal as much damage as possible before the spawn wave, and be prepared to sacrifice one Survivor to save two if you will be in danger when the next spawn wave hits.
  • You can heal your Survivors from Red to Green Health. This basically gives you another chance to Wrestle with your Survivor. Many of the Survivors you Wrestle with will be left behind when you flee a mission, but for those that Wrestle and finish the mission, try to save a few of them up and then spend the Gold to heal as many as possible for one gold cost. This is much less important after the change to Wrestle in update 2.8

Survivors for the Distance

You can get pretty far into the Distance if you have two key Survivors:

  1. Sasha: Here’s my Sasha: Sasha (Distance).png
  2. Your STRONGEST Shooter (here’s mine):Grandma (Distance).png

I’ve been playing the game a while, so my survivors may be stronger than yours right now. You don’t need to have an 8 Star Shooter or a 6 Star Sasha to get far in or beat the Distance, but you can get an idea of what is helpful in this game mode.

  • While Pink Stars on Survivors are very important in Challenges, they are much less important in The Distance. In the Distance, you really need to focus on specific Traits and Badges to increase the amount of Damage you deal out.
    • Critical Damage Increase – Badges and Traits that increase Critical Damage are crucial (Ruthless, Destructive, Charging)
    • Damage Badges/Marksman/Strong/Lethal – although these traits (and the Damage Badges) aren’t quite as important as the Critical Damage Traits, more power is very helpful.
    • Incendiary – Setting Walkers on fire can be very important for inflicting maximum damage. But be careful, if you go into a struggle with a Walker on fire, you will only have 1 turn to rescue that survivor from the struggle.


Early Stages

  • Many people will probably start with their weakest Survivors. I will kind of do this, but with a twist. I will start with my weakest Survivors IN THE SURVIVOR CLASSES THAT HAVE THE BEST CHARGE ABILITIES. That definitely means Assaults, as well as Shooters, Hunters, Scouts and sometimes Bruisers. I want to get all of my Assaults charged up so they can then be used on tougher maps. Shooters can be great at killing tough Walkers when charged up. If you have any super strong Scouts, they can also be wise to get charged up to help take out a tough Walker. Once you get a Survivor charged up, save them for when the missions get more difficult. With each map, I will try to use a slightly better Survivor to charge up, eventually getting my best Survivors charged up before they risk taking severe damage on a difficult mission.

Middle to End Stages

  • Once the maps get difficult enough to put my best Survivors in danger, then I will start to use my worst Survivors paired with two better Survivors. They will be my “pawns” that take damage and will be sacrificed to save my better Survivors. If your best Survivors look to be in danger, it’s time to flee and sacrifice your pawn.

More Information

To beat the Distance on Hard Mode, you will need the following things:

    • After you’ve used a Survivor’s charge ability, bring them back on another mission with Sasha and a pawn and try to get that Survivor recharged before sacrificing the pawn.
  • Survivors that deal monster amounts of Damage from Charged Attacks. This includes:
    • Scouts/Shooters/Hunters
    • Damage and Critical Damage Badges
    • Ruthless Trait on Survivor and Armor
    • Destructive Trait on Weapon
    • Other Damage Traits: Marksman, Lethal, Charging
    • Gold Wrestler on Armor
    • Revenge can also be helpful, but not as necessary and can hurt you at times
    • Power Strike on Scout & the Pitchfork (not as necessary, but helpful)
  • Incendiary Trait on Hunter Rifles – This is crucial to dealing as much damage as possible. But BEWARE…
    • If you get into a Struggle with a Burning Walker, the struggle will last only one turn…you can use this to your advantage by setting Freemen and/or the Walkers that attack them on fire. This will cause the Freemen to struggle for only 1 turn before dying…this is HUGELY beneficial.

Which Distance Version are we on? So far, there are 4 versions of the Distance and they have run in order (1 thru 4, then repeat). Check the Mission order to see what is being played this week:

  • Distance #1 (This is the same order as #4, so check the mission descriptions)
    1. Edge of the Woods (One foot in front of the other….)
    2. Foreman’s Office (One foot in front of the other…)
    3. Loading Zone (Kill 20 Walkers)
    4. River Through Stone
    5. Refuse Pile
    6. Quarry Basin
    7. Holdout
    8. Relief Mission
    9. The Pit
    10. Arterial
    11. Crime Scene
    12. Crash Test
    13. Keep off the Grass
    14. Outskirts
    15. Checkpoint
    16. Show of Force
    17. Deployment Zone
    18. Lookout Towers
    19. Motorpool
    20. Command Center
    21. Final Stand
  • Distance #2
    1. Edge of the Woods
    2. River Through Stone
    3. Quarry Basin
    4. Refuse Pile
    5. Foreman’s Office
    6. Holdout
    7. Loading Zone
    8. Relief Mission
    9. Crime Scene
    10. Arterial
    11. The Pit
    12. Crash Test
    13. Keep off the Grass
    14. Outskirts
    15. Checkpoint
    16. Show of Force
    17. Deployment Zone
    18. Lookout Towers
    19. Motorpool
    20. Command Center
    21. Final Stand
  • Distance 3
    1. River Through Stone
    2. Quarry Basin
    3. Holdout
    4. Refuse Pile
    5. Loading Zone
    6. Foreman’s Office
    7. Edge of the Woods
    8. Arterial
    9. Crime Scene
    10. Crash Test
    11. Outskirts
    12. Keep off the Grass
    13. The Pit
    14. Relief Mission
    15. Checkpoint
    16. Lookout Towers
    17. Motorpool
    18. Final Stand
    19. Command Center
    20. Show of Force
    21. Deployment Zone
  • Distance #4 (This is the same order as #1, so check the mission descriptions)
    1. Edge of the Woods (One foot in front of the other…)
    2. Foreman’s Office (Kill 10 Walkers)
    3. Loading Zone
    4. River Through Stone
    5. Refuse Pile
    6. Quarry Basin
    7. Holdout
    8. Relief Mission
    9. The Pit
    10. Arterial
    11. Crime Scene
    12. Crash Test
    13. Keep off the Grass
    14. Outskirts
    15. Checkpoint
    16. Show of Force
    17. Deployment Zone
    18. Lookout Towers
    19. Motorpool
    20. Command Center
    21. Final Stand

  • Hard or Normal Mode? Here are the rewards found in the different versions (Big thanks to forum user ShadowAceAz for the Normal Mode Rewards!!!):
    • Mission 1:
      • Hard (RSL 17): 2x 2* Fragments and 2x 2* Ingredients
      • Normal (RSL 10): 21,000 Supplies and 18,000 XP
    • Mission 2:
      • Hard (RSL 18): 50,000 XP and 2x 2* ingredients
      • Normal (RSL 11): 30,000 Supplies
    • Mission 3:
      • Hard (RSL 19): Epic Weapon (same class as Missions 5/6)
      • Normal (RSL 12): Rare Equipment (same class as Missions 5/6)
    • Mission 4:
      • Hard (RSL 20): 10x 2* Ingredients
      • Normal (RSL 13): 36,000 Supplies and 34,500 XP
    • Mission 5:
      • Hard (RSL 20): Epic Armor (same class as Missions 3/6)
      • Normal (RSL 14): Rare Equipment (same class as Missions 3/6)
    • Mission 6:
      • Hard (RSL 21): 40x Class Tokens (same class as Missions 3/5)
      • Normal (RSL 15): 15x Class Tokens (same as Missions 3/5)
    • Mission 7:
      • Hard (RSL 22): 30x Hero Tokens for two Heroes
      • Normal (RSL 16): 10x Hero Tokens
    • Mission 8:
      • Hard (RSL 24): 2x 3* Fragments
      • Normal (RSL 17): 67,500 Supplies
    • Mission 9:
      • Hard (RSL 25): 10x 3* Ingredients
      • Normal (RSL 18): 15x Class Tokens
    • Mission 10:
      • Hard (RSL 26): 10x 3* Ingredients
      • Normal (RSL 18): 77,000 Supplies
    • Mission 11:
      • Hard (RSL 27): 100,000 XP
      • Normal (RSL 18): 79,500 XP
    • Mission 12:
      • Hard (RSL 28): 10x Aaron Tokens
      • Normal (RSL 19): 20 Class Tokens
    • Mission 13:
      • Hard (RSL 29): Legendary Armor (same class as Missions 14/15)
      • Normal (RSL 19): Epic Equipment (same class as Missions 14/15)
    • Mission 14:
      • Hard (RSL 30): Legendary Weapon (same class as Missions 13/15)
      • Normal (RSL 19): Epic Equipment (same class as Missions 13/15)
    • Mission 15:
      • Hard (RSL 32): 40x Class Tokens (same class as Missions 13/14)
      • Normal (RSL 20): 120,000 Supplies and 20x Class Tokens (same class as Missions 13/14)
    • Mission 16:
      • Hard (RSL 33): 40x Hero Tokens
      • Normal (RSL 20):  105,000 XP
    • Mission 17:
      • Hard (RSL 35): 10x Aaron Tokens, 30x Hero Tokens
      • Normal (RSL 20): 126,000 Supplies, 15x Hero Tokens (same Hero as Mission 19)
    • Mission 18:
      • Hard (RSL 37): 4x 4* Ingredients
      • Normal (RSL 21): 120,000 XP
    • Mission 19:
      • Hard (RSL 38): 6x 4* Ingredients
      • Normal (RSL 22): 130,000 Supplies, 15x Hero Tokens (same Hero as Mission 17)
    • Mission 20:
      • Hard (RSL 39): 2x 4* Fragments
      • Normal (RSL 23): 15x Hero Tokens (same Hero as Mission 21)
    • Mission 21:
      • Hard (RSL 41): 20x Aaron Tokens, 75x Hero Tokens
      • Normal (RSL 24): 30x Hero Tokens (same Hero as Mission 20)