The Prison

Caged Goods

  • This map requires you to open three crates. Be careful of Walkers hiding in the shadows near the two crates on the right. Also, if a Walker behind the fences is directly on the other side of the fence, you may not be able to shoot that Walker; instead you will be only be given the option to open the gate. There are a few ways to work around this, however.
    1. If there is a Walker behind the Walker next to the fence, you can aim at the Walker that is away from the fence.
    2. If your Survivor is next to the fence and you can’t attack the Walker, you can use a second Survivor to attack the Walker next to the fence.

Reverse Escape

  • This map is straightforward. You need to open the fence while holding the Walkers back. My strategy is to have the “Gate Opener” on the the far right (or left), so my two “Protectors” have the most open line of sight for protection. IMG_5168.PNGIMG_5169.PNG



  • This map is very straightforward. The only thing to watch out for is when you open the middle crate. Opening the middle crate will cause two Walkers (one Normal and one Armored) to come out of the doorways. Make sure you have two Survivors with action points remaining to attack these Walkers to protect your Survivor that opened the middle crate.IMG_5196.PNG

The Room

  • This is good map for farming XP. Be careful of the spawn points, and group your Survivors near the exit. A well placed Hunter can eliminate many of the Walkers spawning at the top of the map, especially with Gold Large Caliber Trait on your Rifle. I typically bring an Assault to kill the Walkers that spawn every turn, and then split up my other two Survivors to open the crates.The Room 01.PNG



Hand Rails

  • This map has the potential to be farmable, but requires a lot of Luck & Dodge. A good strategy is to hit “End Turn” for one or two turns, and let the Raiders engage the Walkers. Then, focus on taking out the Hunter Raider. After that, take out the Scout and Bruiser Raider. Be aware, you will need to split up your Survivors eventually, as only 2 Survivors can fit on the top or bottom exit points. IMG_5177.PNG

Sweeping the Cellar

  • This is another straightforward map. There are 17 Walkers you must kill; 14 Normal Walkers, and 3 Tank Walkers. One nice thing about this map is that most of the Walkers won’t charge you, so you can isolate a few of them at a time. IMG_5170.PNG



Old Map Names: Caged Goods, Revers Escape, Prisoner’s Journey, The Room, The Iron Railing, Cellar of Doom