The Value of Pink Stars

Many people view promoting your Survivors to 6 Stars (or 7/8/9/10 Stars) as having very little benefit, mainly because the increase in Damage and Health are not huge, and the increase in Trait values is not high. But, there is another reason that shows the true value of getting Pink Stars on your Survivors.

  • I will use a term called ACTUAL SURVIVOR LEVEL (ASL). The ASL of your Survivor/Hero is the Survivor Level plus the # of Pink Stars your survivor has
    • A level 10 survivor with 0 pink stars has an ASL of 10 (10+0).
    • A level 15 survivor with 1 pink star has an ASL of 16 (15+1).
    • A level 20 survivor with 2 pink stars has an ASL of 22 (20+2).
    • A level 21 survivor with 3 pink stars has an ASL of 24 (21+3).
    • A level 22 survivor with 4 pink stars has an ASL of 26 (22+4).

Your ASL (compared to the level of your Enemy) determines what percentage of attacks result in a body shot: the larger the difference, the more body shots you will get.

For this discussion, I am using a Level 20 Survivor (with 0 pink stars) as an example, and I will disregard the Piercing Weapon Trait.

  • Once a Walker is 5 levels above your Survivor, an attack will result in a Body Shot 100% of the time.
    • So, a Level 20 Rare/Epic/Legendary Survivor will always body shot a Level 25 enemy.
  • At 4 levels above your Survivor, an attack will result in a Body Shot about 60-70% of the time.
  • At 3 levels above your Survivor, an attack will result in a Body Shot about 30-40% of the time.

NG has said that Ranged Survivors have a Body Shot % built in to the weapons, which is why you get Body Shots against lower level Walkers when you shoot them. So the above numbers refer more to melee Survivors since there are less unknown variables to account for and should provide the baseline for Survivor vs. Walker level differences, but can still generally apply to Ranged Survivors..

When you promote a Survivor to 6 Stars, you are basically adding a level to the Survivor. A 6 Star Level 20 Survivor is basically a Level 21 Survivor when it comes to calculating the level difference between Survivor vs. Walker. A 7 Star Survivor becomes a Level 22 Survivor, and so on.

For each Pink Star you add to your Survivor, you will increase the level of Walker it takes to get 100% Body Shots by 1!

Having Pink Star Survivors is the key to advancing further in Challenge Missions.