Trade Good Rewards

  • Rewards from the Silver/Gold/Epic/Legendary Crates in the Trade Good Store are based on your Player Level. You can find your Player Level in the upper left corner of your screen.Player Level.PNG
  • When you buy a specific piece of Equipment from the Trade Good Shop (the 12,500 TG Equipment of a specific Survivor Class), the level of the Equipment is the same as the highest level Survivor you have in that class.
    • So, if the item is Hunter Equipment, the Equipment will be the same level as your highest level Hunter. You can check the level of the equipment by clicking on it; you will still need to confirm the purchase, so you are safe to open it up!

Here are the Levels of Equipment you should expect to find based on your Player Level. (Please note that I can’t verify if all of the levels in the chart are accurate).

  • Player Level 68 guarantees level 24 gear in Epic/Leg TG crates and Deluxe Challenge Crates. (as of 3/17/18)
  • Player Level 66 should guarantee at least level 23 gear in Epic/LEG TG crates and Deluxe Challenge Crates
  • 2.7 Update: Getting to Player Level 63 should guarantee level 22 gear from the Epic, Legendary, and Deluxe Challenge Crates. I think levels 60-62 give 21 or 22 level gear in those crates. (I’m not quite sure the exact levels for Silver/Gold/Regular Challenge Crates, but if the same patterns continue, I’d expect level 21 and level 22 gear in the regular Challenge Crates.)

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.31.13 PM.png

**Also note that these Player Levels also determine the level of gear received from Challenge Crates and Deluxe Challenge Crates.

  • Gear from Challenge Crates is equivalent to what’s found in Gold Crates, except that at Player Level 58, you can also get level 19 gear.
  • Gear from Deluxe Challenge Crates is equivalent to what’s found in Epic Crates.


Legendary Equipment is obviously preferred over Epic Equipment. However, it may be a better deal for many players to buy Epic Gear TG Crates instead of Legendary TG Crates. Although nothing is guaranteed, if you spent 15,000 Trade Goods on 5 Epic Crates, you would be “expected” to get 4 pieces of Epic Equipment and 1 piece of Legendary Equipment. If you spend 15,000 Trade Goods on two Legendary TG Crates, you would get 2 pieces of Legendary Equipment. Legendary Gear is usually better, but not if the Epic Gear has better Traits!

Types of Crates

Silver Crate

  • Mainly Food, XP, and Uncommon/Rare Gear with a small chance at Radios, Gold and Gas.

Gold Crate

  • About half of the time Gear, with mainly Rare Gear, but a chance of Epic and Legendary Gear. Food and XP are often given, along with the occasional Radios and Gold.

Rare Gear Crate

  • Mostly Rare Gear, with a small chance of Epic and Legendary gear.

Epic Gear Crate

  • Mostly Epic Gear, but about a 20% chance at Legendary Gear.

Legendary Gear Crate

  • Legendary Gear 100% of the time.

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