Trade Good Rewards

  • Rewards from the Silver/Gold/Epic/Legendary Crates in the Trade Good Store are based on your Player Level. You can find your Player Level in the upper left corner of your screen.Player Level.PNG
  • When you buy a specific piece of Equipment from the Trade Good Shop (the 12,500 TG Equipment of a specific Survivor Class), the level of the Equipment is the same as the highest level Survivor you have in that class.
    • So, if the item is Hunter Equipment, the Equipment will be the same level as your highest level Hunter. You can check the level of the equipment by clicking on it; you will still need to confirm the purchase, so you are safe to open it up!

Types of Crates

Silver Crate

  • Mainly Food, XP, and Uncommon/Rare Gear with a small chance at Radios, Gold and Gas.

Gold Crate

  • About half of the time Gear, with mainly Rare Gear, but a chance of Epic and Legendary Gear. Food and XP are often given, along with the occasional Radios and Gold.

Rare Gear Crate

  • Mostly Rare Gear, with a small chance of Epic and Legendary gear.

Epic Gear Crate

  • Mostly Epic Gear, but about a 20% chance at Legendary Gear.

Legendary Gear Crate

  • Legendary Gear 100% of the time.

Here are the Levels of Equipment you should expect to find based on your Player Level. This was last updated after the 2.5 Update.

2.7 Update: Getting to Player Level 63 guarantees level 22 gear from the Epic, Legendary, and Deluxe Challenge Crates. I think levels 60-62 give 21 or 22 level gear in those crates. (I’m not quite sure the exact levels for Silver/Gold/Regular Challenge Crates, but if the same patterns continue, I’d expect level 21 and level 22 gear in the regular Challenge Crates.)

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.31.13 PM.png

**Also note that these player Levels also determine the level of gear received from Challenge Crates and Deluxe Challenge Crates.

  • Gear from Challenge Crates is equivalent to what’s found in Gold Crates, except that at Player Level 58, you can also get level 19 gear.
  • Gear from Deluxe Challenge Crates is equivalent to what’s found in Epic Crates.


Legendary Equipment is obviously preferred over Epic Equipment. However, it may be a better deal for many players to buy Epic Gear TG Crates instead of Legendary TG Crates. Although nothing is guaranteed, if you spent 15,000 Trade Goods on 5 Epic Crates, you would be “expected” to get 4 pieces of Epic Equipment and 1 piece of Legendary Equipment. If you spend 15,000 Trade Goods on two Legendary TG Crates, you would get 2 pieces of Legendary Equipment. Legendary Gear is usually better, but not if the Epic Gear has better Traits!


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