Unique Weapons

These are the “Unique” Weapons that have been made available for purchase or have been given away. If Traits are shown in the picture, those were the fixed Traits given with the Weapon, and those can certainly change if re-released. If there are multiple pictures listed for the same weapon, I will try to always put the most recently offered version first.

Unique Ability Weapons

Pitch Fork (LEG).png

Kingdom Spear.png

  • Both the Kingdom Spear and the Pitch Fork function the same.
  • Can kill from a distance, or can kill up to 3 Walkers at once.

Kingdom Spear 3.pngKingdom Spear 4.png

Kingdom Spear 5.png

Alternatively, there was a Rare Pitchfork sold for 5,000 TGs.


Morgan’s Staff

Morgan's Staff #1.png

Morgan's Staff #2.png

Morgan's Staff #3.png

  • Has unique ability to stun multiple enemies with one attack without being charged.
  • There have been a couple different Trait combinations sold on this weapon, and different prices for the bundles as well.

Alternatively, you can earn an Epic “Wide Margin” bruiser weapon from completing Chapter 13 or 14.

Dixieland BBQ.png

Dixieland BBQ.PNG

  • The Rare Dixieland BBQ was given away for free, the Epic version was made available in the TG Store.

The Reckonin'.png


Abraham's Assault.png

Abraham's Military Rifle.png

Assault Uzi.png

Governor's Assault Rifle.png

Governor's Assault Rifle #2.png

Prison Assault Rifle.png

Rick's Assault.png

Rosita's Assault Rifle.png

Rosita's Assault Rifle #2.png

Sasha Bundle 2.PNG

Savior Assault Rifle.png

Silenced Assault Uzi.png


Bloody Lucille.png

Bloody Lucille #2.png

Eugene's Blunt Machete.png

Heath's Crowbar (Bruiser).png

Bruiser - Lucille (MAX).png

  • Sold as part of the “We are all Negan” bundle.
  • Also made available for 15,000 Trade Goods in the Trade Good Store.
  • An Epic version was made available in the TG store, I can’t remember if the Traits were the same.

Pine Vista 9 Iron.png


Cellblock Defender.png

Dale's Lookout Rifle.png

Daryl's Crossbow #2.png

Daryl's Crossbow #1.png

Dwight's Stolen Crossbow.png

Otis's Deer Rifle.png

Prison Defense Rifle.png

Sasha's Rifle #2.png

Sasha's Rifle.png

Terminus Rifle.png

Trusty Farm Hand.png


Alpha Wolf Sickle.png

Beth's Scissors.png

Carol's Blade.png

Carol's Blade #2.png

Daryl's Diamond Knife.png

Gabriel's Machete.png

Glenn's Knife.png

Glenn's Knife #2.png

Savior Axe.png

Tire Iron.png

Tyreese's Hammer.png


Carl's Deadeye Pistol.png

Import 57.png

Merle's Pistol.png

Rick's Revolver #1.png

Rick's Revolver #2.png

Rick's Silenced Pistol.png


Savior Handgun.png

See No Evil.png

Snub Nose Pistol.png

Shooter - Sweet Revenge.PNG

  • Given away as part of the Community Event to kill 60,000,000 Saviors in 3 weeks.


Janai Katana #2.png

Janai Katana.png

  • One of the Janai Katana Bundles seemed to have a display error saying it arced the wrong way.

Jesus's Lockpick.png

King's Scepter.png

Kingdom Double Axe.png

Kingdom Sword.png

Maggie's Machete.png

Martensite Katana.png

Michonne's Katana #5.png

Michonne's Katana.png

Michonne's Katana #2.png

Michonne's Katana #3.png

Michonne's Katana #4.png

Mom's Machete.png

No Parking.png