The Gas and XP Boosters are very common purchases in the game. Here’s how I use them since I play on a budget.

Gas Booster

Playing with a Gas Booster can be a great way to earn XP/Food quickly, or earn Guild Challenge Stars quickly.

When I play on a Gas Booster for resources, I am trying to “Crate Farm.” This means that I’m playing as many missions as possible, as quickly as possible to open as many post-mission reward crates as I can.

There are some drawbacks to the Gas Booster, however. With an increased amount of rewards (XP especially), you will eventually run out of XP storage space, and will need to spend Gold to speed up upgrades so as not to “waste” your XP. For this reason, there are only a few events that I will use a Gas Booster on:

  • 5 Second Upgrade/Training Events – These are the perfect events to use Gas Boosters during, as you don’t have to spend Gold to speed up upgrades.
  • Increased Radio Event – This event is great for the Gas Booster. The drop % for Radios has been tripled during this event in the past, plus the Radio reward values are doubled in Bronze & Silver Crates, and 1.5x in the Gold Crates.


XP Booster

I prefer buying a Gas Booster instead of the XP booster because I usually earn a lot of XP when I purchase a Gas Booster. I’ve only purchased the XP Booster once: that was during a special 5 second Equipment Upgrade Event that was paired with Double XP. So, quadruple XP was available when you purchased the XP Booster.

One important note about the XP Booster: when you retire a Survivor or scrap Gear, you get double XP when on the XP Booster!