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Update 2.10 Coming Soon and other site info..


Update 2.10 will be dropping shortly. Here’s what to expect:

  • Season 8b missions – new missions with Rick Tokens as the featured Hero reward each week.
  • New Challenge Mission – ” In the Dead of Night” will make its debut on Feb. 21st!
  • New Weapons – available in the store and through an in-game event
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fire animation should no longer slow down gameplay
    • Smoother framerate for older devices
    • Raiders/Freemen won’t run as far

and most importantly (for me)…


Radio calls, badge creation, post mission crates, TG and components shop and Guild gifts will all have the odds of getting specific items shown to us! I have argued for more transparency for years, and THANK YOU APPLE FOR MAKING THIS REQUIREMENT.

Information about the Site:

Over the next month, I will be putting in a bit more work on the site. I will be tidying up some outdated information and adding a lot of new stuff (including massive Distance and Challenge section overhauls; some you may have already started to see in the Challenge Maps). Please be patient as I get everything up to snuff.

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After the Wildfire – Overview, Strategies & Tips

Check out my breakdown for the current Challenge: After the Wildfire HERE. This is a newer challenge, so I’ll try to update it with more tips throughout the challenge, and hopefully add some videos as well.

In case you weren’t aware, the challenge had to be reset shortly after the challenge started. That’s why there was 20 free gas in the Trade Good Shop, and 5 minute gas today. Hopefully you can take advantage of the faster gas today and earn some stars!

Good luck!