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Update 2.11 – Sneak Peak #1

Although the date for the update has yet to be confirmed (probably 2nd week of June), here is the first look at some of what’s in the update! (Please note that more Sneak Peaks will be coming.)

  • Summer of Explosions!
    • No Mans Land is excited to invite you all to have a blast with our special event, the Summer of Explosions! This is a summer-long event that will reward your gameplay across all parts of No Man’s Land over the next few months. The event begins on Wednesday, the 29th of June.
  • Prizes
    • By playing the game this summer, you will work towards earning a series of awesome rewards, featuring the new “Daryl’s RPG” weapon (check out a gameplay video HERE, please note this video is from a Development build, so there may some changes). The most skillful and dedicated players will even earn a Legendary version of the weapon through the campaign! Other rewards, like radio phones, Hero and Class Tokens, and more can be collected along the way.
  • Summer Tokens
    • Gameplay in several game modes will reward you with Summer Tokens. Collecting these is crucial to unlocking Daryl’s RPG. [How do you think Abraham was able to get the RPG in the show? He had Summer Tokens!. Summer Tokens are not spent to claim rewards, so you can earn everything possible on your way to getting your ultimate prize. You can find them in many parts of the game:
      • Daily Quests
      • Trade Goods Shop
      • The Distance
      • Weekly Challenges
      • Challenge Guild Rewards
    • Check out the Summer Campaign screen found in the Camp to view the rewards you can earn, and also to see where Summer Tokens can be found. In addition, keep your eyes open for special events related to the Summer Campaign to happen throughout the summer!
  • Daryl’s RPG
    • The most destructive addition to the game since the Exploding Walkers is here: Daryl’s Rocket Launcher has been found, and you can get one for your camp!
    •  The RPG is a Hunter-only weapon, but it functions very differently from other Hunter weapons.
      • The RPG hits a group of up to 9 enemies at once from long range.
      • Base Damage of the RPG is greater than that of other Hunter Weapons.
      • The central target of the attack will never experience a Body Shot, regardless of level or special walker properties [such as Armored Walkers].
      • After firing, the RPG requires a turn to reload. The hunter can still move, open crates and doors, and bandage themselves while reloading, but cannot attack.
      • Aim carefully: if one of your Survivors is caught in the blast, they will receive damage from the attack.
      • To prevent ‘accidents’ caused by firing near your allies, the RPG cannot be used to make attacks during the enemies’ turns [including Overwatch, Revenge, and Retaliate].
      • The RPG does not collect Charge Points nor does it have a Charge Attack.
      • The explosion won’t set nearby enemies/allies on fire.”


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This Week in NML…


There will be no “Weekend Event” as we normally have. However, NG will be giving us a free Gas and 2x XP Booster. You can claim it for immediate starting Wednesday at 12:00 UTC and can be claimed until Monday at 12:00 UTC. Make sure to only claim it when you are ready to use it!!

  • What else is happening this week?
    • The Distance version this week should be #1. You can find the guide HERE.
    • The scheduled challenge this week is Ghost Town. You can find the old guide HERE, and the new guide is HERE.
    • IT’s DOUBLE HERO TOKEN WEEK! Each day, there will be a 15x radio call with an increased chance of finding a specific Hero and will often 2x the Hero Tokens for that specific Hero. Hopefully the Hero you really want to unlock/improve will show up!
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This Week in NML

Hero Week - Michonne.PNG

So, what’s happening this week:

  • This week’s scheduled Challenge map is Terminus; you can see the old guide HERE, and the new guide is HERE and will be built on Wednesday/Thursday.
  • This week’s Distance version should be #4, and the guide can be found HERE.
  • I will post any weekend event on Wednesday as close to 5 PM UTC time as possible.


It’s Michonne Week, so here’s what’s happening:

  • In all missions except the Distance (and maybe story mode), Warriors will start fully charged!!!
  • Michonne Tokens will be more readily available in the TG Store, Daily Quest Rewards, Season 8 mission rewards and Distance Rewards.
  • There will also be a special radio call (20x radios) featuring a better chance at finding Michonne tokens.
  • There is also the Sensei Katana that can be found in post mission crates, TG store crates, Challenge/Deluxe Challenge Crates and as Distance rewards; it’s damage is increased by a prestige level (so a rare version has the damage of a regular epic sword, epic same as normal legendary, and legendary has even more damage).  There will also be other increased damage swords available for $$ in the bundle store.
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Nation Wars Global Competition

There is a Global Competition being created by the players of the game. Each nation will be creating teams and battling it out to see who reigns supreme!

There is especially a need for players from countries with less players, but anyone can contact the captain of their country, or be the captain of a new country if there isn’t one yet. For more information and contact information, head over to the forum and check out all the info HERE! Please consider joining, and also please tell any of your guild-mates that are spread out across the globe!

And here’s a little video trailer:

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This Week in NML…

  • First off…
    • This week’s Distance Version is #3…here’s the NEW GUIDE.
    • This week’s Challenge is After the Wildfire. The new guide is still being built, but click HERE for it…the old guide can be found HERE

IMG_4598 copy.PNG

  • What’s going on during Daryl’s Week?
    • Fire Damage causes 25% of a walkers total health in damage each turn (up from 10%). So set those Spiked and Tank Walkers on fire in Challenge Missions, and watch those Walkers burn out (4 turns max)!
    • Daryl Tokens can be found in the Trade Good Store, as rewards from Daily Quests, as rewards in the Distance…
    • Plus there’s a special Daryl Call with increased chances for Daryl (20 radios), and a special call with multiple Heroes (and two “rerolls”) for 40 radios per call.

Herd Event 01 (Spiked).png

  • The Weekend Event is the Herd! Look for 10x more Walkers at the walls in your camp (log in every 30 mins to clear them all out)!
  • You can get Gas from these Walkers, in addition to the normal rewards.
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Weekend Event


April 6, 8:00 UTC to April 9, 12:00 UTC

  • 5 Second Gear Upgrades
  • Component Event
    • Higher chances of getting components and badge fragments in every mission with crate rewards (Story, Season, Challenge, and Scavenge on difficulty 15 or higher)
    • Higher chances of getting better results from Crafting.
      • For example, by using only COMMON components, there is a small chance to get an EPIC BADGE!
    • New offers in the Components Shop.



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This Week in NML…

First off, here’s the Distance and Challenge info for the week:

  • This week’s Distance Version should be #2. Here’s the Guide.
  • This week’s Challenge Map is Teeming Graveyard. It used to just be called The Graveyard, and it’s been a looooong time since we’ve had it (about a year and a half). I don’t have a completed guide for it yet, but it will be HERE, and I will start filling it in after the challenge starts.
  • Check back for the Weekend Event info on Wednesday at 2:00 PM EST.


  • It’s Morgan/Bruiser Week….
    • Bruisers start Challenge/Scavenge Missions fully Charged!!
    • Morgan Tokens will be more available throughout the game.


We are in the midst of the Community Event pitting Jesus vs. Tara vs. Rufus…whichever gets the most kills will determine the weapon we receive. From forum user JayZ, these were weapon pics grabbed from the Talking Dead show…it’s not a fact these will be the traits on the weapon (epic at least, possibly legendary), but it’s a good guess…









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This Week in NML…

Talking Dead Event.jpg

If you haven’t yet seen, there is a Community Event/Competition going on: whichever Hero (between Tara/Rufus/Jesus) gets the most kills from players will determine what Epic Weapon we will get. The weapon will be in the class of the winning Hero. Many people will be using Rufus to get a Flamethrower, but I’m personally hoping Tara wins as I want a potentially nice Shooter Pistol!!! Updates on the competition should be posted starting Thursday.

  • This week’s challenge guides can be found HERE (new version) & HERE (old version).
  • This week’s Distance Version is #1, and the guide can be found HERE.
  • In addition, there will be some different things going on for the Weekend Event, some of which is still a mystery to us who get to relay the information:
    • The Community Event will be improved! (revealed THURS or FRI)
    • There will be a gift in the Bundle Shop! (revealed THURS or FRI)
    • More gas will be available for purchase in the TG store (starting on the 29th, 12:00 UTC)
    • The “Playtime with Jesus” Hero call will be available the 30th/31st/1st, and a different Hero call will be available the 1st/2nd/3rd.
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This Week in NML…

Hero Week - Rosita 01 copy.PNG

Let’s take a look at what’s going on this week in NML…

  • It’s Rosita Week: look for more of her tokens to be found throughout the game. We do get an amazing bonus this week: Assaults start each mission FULLY CHARGED (but not in the Distance…all the details are below)
  • This week is Distance Version #3: you can find the guide HERE
  • This week’s scheduled challenge is Fight it Out. That is the old guide…a new one will be available Wednesday or Thursday and will be linked at the top of the old guide.
  • UPDATE: The weekend event is FREE BADGE REMOVAL and there will also be an Epic Molotov (Rufus’ Weapon) in the TG Store. Badge Removal Event.jpg


Hero Week - Rosita 02.PNG